February 21, 2024


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Samsung S8 Winter Snow Test Review

This is something we discovered when we were traveling in Mount Buller in Victoria Australia. Mount Buller is two hours away from Melbourne City Centre. From May to August, Mount Buller is popular as the snow mountain and ski heaven for the locals and also International tourists.

mount buller snow
On Mount Buller with the Siberian Huskies.

One of the most popular activities in Mount Buller is the Husky Ride or also known as Australian Sled Dog Tours. You can take the sampler ride which is around 15 minutes or other longer rides. This is only available on Mount Buller during winter. For more info on the Australian Sled Dog Tours, visit http://www.sleddogtours.com.au/

mount buller husky charlene
Instagrammer Charlene Tan with Siberian Huskies for Australian Sled Dog Tours.

It was a very cold day and it was freezing and the temperature was sub zero. I am using Samsung Galaxy S8 while my friends were using iPhones (iPhone 7). As we were trying to take pictures of the Siberian Huskies, all of the iPhones were automatically shut down except mine.

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t expect to do any review or test for Samsung Galaxy S8 during winter time but this is something I discovered accidentally. The Samsung Galaxy S8 works perfectly while all the iPhones were shut down without any warning.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S8 user, traveling to cold places will not be a problem but not too iPhone users though. Don’t forget Samsung Galaxy S8 is also waterproof so it works fine under rainy weather or even you swim it in the pool.

It is by far the best smartphone we are using right now and probably in the market too. Since we travel often, we always needed a smartphone with weather and waterproof. Smartphone companies can claim whatever they want on their websites but the actual product’s functionality is more important. Many people can claim many things but this is our real story and testimony, Samsung didn’t pay us any money for this review.


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