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Winter in Mount Buller Melbourne Victoria Australia: Snow, Ski and Huskies Sledding Tour

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Winter in Mount Buller Melbourne Victoria Australia: Snow, Ski and Huskies Sledding Tour

Melbourne has been the number one destination for Malaysians for many years. Many people travelled to places like Phillip Island, Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula however they never been to Mount Buller. Mount Buller is a popular ski haven during winter and it is only three hour drive from Melbourne CBD (City Business District).

The winter season for Mount Buller is from mid June to September. For the exact dates, do visit their official website at http://www.mtbuller.com.au/Winter/. You can plan ahead in the months of July to September to be safe. If there is a promo sale for airline tickets in that selected month, buy first as it will more expensive for last minute buys.

What you should bring for winter to Mount Buller?

Remember to bring your winter jacket (not the ones you wear to Genting Highlands), thermal inner wear (you can buy the Uniqlo Heattech or Heattech Extra Warm), scarf, gloves and winter hat. This is winter so it can be very cold and once you get sick, you will ruin your holiday. Keep your body warm and enjoy the winter.

Winter is so beautiful.

You can either self drive or take a bus to Mount Buller. More information on transfer to Mount Buller, you can read it at http://www.bullerdayski.melbourne/transfers.html

Arlberg at Mount Buller

For accommodation, there are many hotels you can choose from in Mount Buller depending on your need and budget. Check out the rooms available at https://goo.gl/bBiPxd. During our trip, we stayed at Arlberg for two nights and we enjoyed it. You can check out their rates at https://www.arlberg.com.au/.

With the girls, Karen Kho, Charlene Tan and Jean.

We were there for three days two nights. I was with Karen Kho, Charlene Tan and Jean (all influencers from Malaysia) for this media trip organised by Tourism Victoria and Tourism Australia Malaysia.

Things To do in Mount Buller

If this is your first time visiting a snow mountain, then this will be an eye opener and one of the most memorable trips you experienced in your life time.

Get a B-TAG

A B-TAG is a lift access pass. Everyone needs their own B-TAG loaded with a valid lift pass to ski or snowboard at Mt Buller. You can purchase your B-TAG at https://bslestore.com.au/estore/. Getting the B-TAG will skip ticketing queues, save time and money.

Picture from Jean (http://www.j-e-a-n.com/2017/08/3d2n-winter-in-mount-buller-victoria.html)

The Snow Experience

Snow in TV series and in the movies and the reality is quite different. It is more fun in the real world. You need to rent winter clothing and snow boots first. Walking in the snow with your normal shoe won’t help as it is not 100% waterproof and it doesn’t have the grip you need. Furthermore, snow boots keep your feet warm and you need a thick sock.

Awesome weather at Mt Buller.

Walking in the snow is similar in walking in the sand. It is tough to walk fast and tougher to run. However, it is fun though. If you spotted thin ice on the road then you have to be careful as it is slippery.

Foggy and slippery road at Mt Buller.

Built a snowman or simply create snowballs and throw it to your friends. It is easy being a child here on snow mountain.

The Ski Lifts

Mount Buller has the most ski lifts in Victoria and it has the network of 22 lifts. Hop onto one of the ski lifts and enjoy the winter landscape of Mount Buller from bird’s eye view.

The girls having fun on the Ski Lift.

It will be chilly on the ski lift but you will enjoy the experience of the weather, the snow and the beauty of the Mount Buller. The ski lift is a must do in Mount Buller. Get your passes at http://www.mtbuller.com.au/Winter/lift-passes-rental-retail/lift-passes

Skiing and Snowboarding

Your first trip to snow mountain will be incomplete without a ski or snowboard beginner lessons. It is a two hour lesson for either skiing or snowboarding at $77 and add-on ski/snowboard and boots hiring at about $67. Thus, you can also book your ski/snowboard lesson here at about $129 including lift ticket.

Skiing looks easy but it is not. However, if you are good in rollerblading or ice-skating, then you have an upper hand. The ski beginner lesson will teach you how to ski in the right way (such as bending your knees, how to ski and how to stop in the correct way). It could be frustrating but once you get it right, you will enjoy it.

Same goes with snowboarding. It looks cool on TV and in movies how snowboarders twist and turn but in reality, it is hard. You need the proper guidance to snowboard like a champ.

Australian Sled Dog Tours

Now, this is a huge surprise for everyone. You can join the Australian Sled Dog Tours or more popular known as the Siberian Huskies Sled Dog Tours in other parts of the world.

Up close and personal with the Siberian Husky

Yes, there are Siberian Huskies and they will bring you the ride of you always dream off. There are various packages available for the Australian Sled Dog Tours.

What we love is the whole experience of being part of the Australian Sled Dog Tours. We were chauffeured by the cute Huskies and we were taught how to control the ride too.

This is a must do thing in Mount Buller and you don’t get chances to ride with Siberian Huskies Sled Dog tours in our opinion.

More information at: http://www.mtbuller.com.au/Winter/events-activities/activities/details/australian-sled-dog-tours

Where to eat in Mount Buller?

The BirdCage at Mount Buller Challet and Suites

The BirdCage is a restaurant hidden at Mount Buller Challet and Suites. We were recommended by the locals to dine here. According to them, this is a hipster restaurant offering fusion (Western and Asian) cuisine.

You find many familiar Asian dishes with different types of ingredients used. We are so used to its original flavour and once they tweaked it, it tastes unfamiliar or strange for our taste palette.

Lunch at The Birdcage.

We love the creative ideas in how they ‘fusionised’ the food but the taste is a slightly strange for Asians.

This restaurant is awesome for Instagrammers as it is beautifully designed. They are open for lunches and dinners.

The BirdCage at Mount Buller Address:

Mount Buller Challet and Suites ,

3 Athletes Walk, Mount Buller VIC 3723, Australia

Kaptans Restaurant at Hotel Pension Grimus

Ask any locals which is the best restaurant in Mount Buller and the answer is Kaptans Restaurant at Hotel Pension Grimus. It is a traditional Austrian restaurant in Mount Buller.

Kaptans restaurant offers European alpine ambience with top quality cuisine with good and friendly service.

The European ambience and interior of Kaptans

A stay at Mt Buller is not complete without dinner at Kaptans Restaurant, renowned for traditional European alpine ambience, consistent excellent quality cuisine and good, friendly service.

Salzburger Nockerl

If you never been to Europe, this feels exactly like Europe. The interior, the decorations, the tables, the chairs and the music. This is an absolutely hidden gem of Mount Buller.

Their signature dish here is called Salzburger Nockerl, a dessert (and not a burger). It is a huge hazelnut and chocolate chip soufflé served with hot chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and berries.

If you are lucky, you might bump to Mount Buller legend, Hans Grimus and he will fascinate you with tales of the history of skiing at Mt Buller and more.

Hours: 4PM–1AM

Kaptans Restaurant at Hotel Pension Grimus Address:

5 Breathtaker Rd, Mount Buller VIC 3723, Australia

Phone: +61 3 5777 6396

Phone: 03 5777 6396

Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.pensiongrimus.com.au

Breathtaking view of Mt Buller.

We have listed down all our experiences at Mount Buller. How you go there, where to stay, what to do and what to eat. We loved our three days two nights winter experience in Mount Buller and will definitely go back there again.

If you never have the snow experience in your life, you can highly consider Mount Buller if you are traveling to Melbourne. You can also read all our stories about Melbourne here.

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