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The Best Supper food in Malaysia

Malaysia is a food haven. You can find Malaysian food with influences from multi-racial ethnicities. There are Malay, Chinese, Indian and other food in Malaysia. The uniqueness of these food is you can get only the best in Malaysia (even though Singapore have some of it).

ramly burger special

Names like Assam Laksa, Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Lemak, Bakuteh and Rojak are probably the popular ones in Malaysia. Assam Laksa is always rated as top ten food in CNN.com. However, there is one particular Malaysian food that is less mentioned, the Ramly Burger.

The Malaysian brand Ramly Burger started by a Malay couple now dominating the night burger stalls (usually in front of 7 Eleven outlets) throughout Malaysia. The number of unofficial Ramly burger stalls could reach thousands.

ramly burger special egg

Traditionally, you order either the normal Ramly chicken or beef burger. To make it memorable, order the Ramly burger special as there will be an additional egg wrapped over the meat patty. We love the Ramly burger double special which is two meat patties wrapped by the egg. The sauces for the burger depending on stalls but usually you can find mayonnaise, chilli sauce, ground pepper and butter. Some popular stalls might add worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce.

The buns are usually lightly toasted with butter and you have generous amount of vegetables of sliced cabbage and sometimes with sliced tomatoes and onions. We have encountered stall that offered ‘cili padi’.

ramly burger special

The taste of the Burger Ramly Special is always memorable. You get the taste of the mayonnaise, butter, the chili sauce and also the taste of the juicy patty. There are so many sauces in the burger, it becomes very sloppy but it is a bite of happiness. You never knew a burger can taste so good in a bite. That is Ramly Burger Special for you.

Ramly burger stalls are usually open at night until midnight or late. They are usually stationed in front of 7 Eleven outlets.

ramly burger special yulek

The one we took is the Ramly Burger Stall in Yulek and it is called the Monster Ramly Burger Stall. We used to hang out here quite often more than 15 years ago.

Hence, if you are visiting in Malaysia and wanted to taste the Best Supper Food in Malaysia, you have to taste the Ramly Burger Special. This is not a sponsored post but our love for Ramly Burger Special especially when we are traveling abroad for weeks and miss the Malaysian food.




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