May 25, 2022

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Korea’s Famous Isaac Toast Is Opening in Malaysia

The buzz is out and South Korea’s Isaac Toast will be opening in Malaysia! The location is at KLIA2 and it will be opened on 10/10/2017. Isaac Toast is the most popular sandwich toast chain in South Korea. The popularity is similar to our Ramly Burger and it has over 700 outlets in South Korea alone. Currently, they have outlets in Macau and Taiwan and Malaysia next week.

isaac toast 2
Source Instagram @chefdevoyage

When we visited Seoul, we didn’t manage to taste the Isaac Toast. However, according to our friends who tasted the toast before, the taste is really good. Everything is freshly made and cooked and the taste is spot on.

isaac toast 1
Source Instagram @g.chancc

Looking at the pictures we found on Instagram, it makes us can’t wait for it to open in KLIA 2! We will definitely make a trip to KLIA 2 for this! How can we resist such good food?


isaac toast girls
Source Instagram @______ym______doesnt

This is just a preview post and we will be heading to KLIA 2 next week to taste this. If you bumped to us, just say hi to us. We believed true foodies will travel far for good food.

Please take note that we are not sure whether the food will be pork-free in KLIA2 Malaysia since they serve pork in Korea. We will update once we tasted the Isaac Toast next week.

Isaac Toast KLIA 2 Address:

L2- 105, Arrival Hall, [email protected] 2.

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