June 10, 2023

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Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise Experience and Review

When you fly into Hobart Airport in Tasmania, you will be greeted by a ‘seal’ on top of the luggage conveyor belt. The iconic seal is an advertisement by Pennicott Wilderness Journey travel company. They are very popular with their cruise and hiking tours. One of their most luxurious tour they offer is the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise. It is a day cruise in a speed boat with limited passengers and it includes unlimited seafood and drinks (including beers and spirits).

The Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise is ‘the cruise’ for foodies. Since we learn about this cruise from Chef Wan, it is our dream to experience this at least once in a lifetime. The Tasmanian Seafood Seduction Cruise comes with a hefty price tag of $A685 per person which is around RM 2300 per person. You can easily book the cruise with Klook.com at https://www.klook.com/activity/2644-seafood-seduction-cruise-tasmania/?aid=602

Some important information on the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction. The cruises depart daily at 9 am and returns around 4.30 pm. Tasmanian Seafood Seduction departs from the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys Booking Centre, situated on Franklin Wharf, next to the Constitution Dock Lifting Bridge on Hobart’s waterfront.

The private cruise can take up to 12 guests with 2 local guides. When we went for the cruise during winter, there were only three guests. The food they prepare is more than what you can expect.

Here is the summary what you will feast on Tasmanian Seafood Seduction. There will be wild abalone, rock lobster, oysters, salmon, wild sea urchin with drinks like beer & cider, wine and sparkling.

Bruny Island

Not forgetting that you will be enjoying the view of Bruny Island and also visiting the salmon farms along the way. The route will be depending on weather.

The salmon farm

Let’s check out what we had during the Tasmanian Seafood Seduction cruise.

The drinks! You can have the choices of beer & cider, wine and sparkling. The drinks are free flow and it more than enough. We always prefer to have the sparkling.

For beer and cider, you can enjoy locally made organic cider and boutique beer including Moo Brew and Willie Smiths. For wines, you must taste the local Tasmanian produced wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Jansz sparkling.

The wild abalones. We went to Tasmania during winter so the water was very cold. One of our guides jumped into the sea and snorkel around to catch wild abalone. Depending the number of guests, the guide will try to find as many as possible. Our guide took more than 20 minutes to find a few wild abalones for us.

Wild abalone

She got two wild abalones and it is as huge as my face. You hardly see such big abalones in Malaysia.

Wild abalone sashimi
Stir fried abalone

It is then prepared for sashimi and stir fried. Since this is wild abalone, the texture of it is different than the dried abalones or the abalones in the cans. The texture of the live abalone is softer and it taste better.

Rock Lobster. The rock lobster is brought to the cruise and it is not from the wild. We can’t imagine the guides going into the sea looking for live rock lobster. The rock lobster is always known as cray fish or yabbies in Australia.

The lobster is boiled and eat with the special sauce. To savour the natural flavour of the lobster or any seafood, the best way is to boil, steam or to grill it without any sauces. This is the only way you can taste the freshness and the juiciness of the meat. The rock lobster here is simply amazing and you have no complains. Now you understand the value of this seafood seduction cruise. You pay for the best quality seafood you can find in Tasmania.

Fresh Oysters. Tasmanian fresh oysters are very popular in Australia and around the world. You can find them in Malaysia too but at a very premium price. The fresh oysters are sourced from the farm of the multi-award winning producer ‘Get Shucked’.

We can have it fresh or they will cook it for us. If you are an oyster lover, you will love their oysters. Nothing beats the fresh oysters from Tasmania.

The Salmon. The salmon is brought to the cruise but we did visit the salmon farms. The salmon is locally grown and prepared as sashimi. Dipped it with soy sauce and wasabi, you will enjoy the freshest salmon sashimi ever.

For the smoked salmon, it is prepared with the local cheese and fruits. Tasmania is also a top producer for cheese and local fruits. You must remember to visit the cheese and fruit farms when you travel in Tasmania.

Wild Sea Urchin or Uni in Japanese. The sea urchins are taken from the sea so the guide collected them when they looked for abalones.

We are not a huge fan of sea urchin. We did manage to taste some of the top quality Japanese sea urchins during food reviews and we thought the taste is exquisite.

By the time we finished the food, we sailed back to Hobart at around 4pm. If you are a seafood lover, this is the cruise you want to experience. This is once in the lifetime experience so don’t be pulled back by the price tag. Since you are in Hobart Tasmania, why not? Book it early with Klook.com at https://www.klook.com/activity/2644-seafood-seduction-cruise-tasmania/?aid=602 and enjoy the seafood feast and cruise that you can brag for life.

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Pictures are entirely shot with Samsung Galaxy S8.

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