The Truth about Musang King Durian Rejected by China

The Truth about Musang King Durian Rejected by China

For the past few days, there are rumours about Musang King durian rejected by China due to too high insecticide detected in the fruits. The Musang King is shipped back to Malaysia and is selling at durian stores and that is the main reason why it is so cheap now. Is this a real story or a fake story?

Durians we had a few days ago.

Thus, we decided to call our durian seller friends about this and also some common sense about our local durians too.

This is the fake news circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Since last month, there are a few articles stating that durian prices will be dropping as the harvest is good this time around. We wrote about it earlier this month as we went to check out some of the durian prices by some of our favourite durian stalls.

Let us share with you five reasons why the article about Musang King rejects from China doesn’t makes sense at all.

  1. The Overloading Stock

For the past year, the durian orchards didn’t get many durian fruits due to bad weather and climate. The shortage of durians caused popular durians like Musang King sky rocketed to over RM 100 per kg from RM 30 per kg.

Since the durian orchards are expecting many durians during this time around, the prices of most durians dropped to the old prices. Musang King is expected to sell around RM 30++ per kg in the next couple of weeks. In fact, there are so many durians in the orchard right now so they don’t need the rejects from China.

  1. Malaysian Durians Shelf Life

Malaysian durians are not the same as Thai durians. We don’t pluck our durians and we wait for the durians to fall once they are ripe. That is the reason why the shelf life of our durians is so short. Many sellers said their durians can’t last for more than two days and it will spoil within a week. If you don’t believe us, just buy a durian and see how long it can last?

  1. Malaysian Durians exported to China is frozen

All the durians from Malaysia exported to China is frozen as whole or by the flesh. It will take around two weeks to ship to China. Frozen durians can last up to one year. Did you have any frozen durians in durian stalls lately?

  1. The article claimed Raub and Bentong is RM 30 per kg

Please have some common sense if you want to sell rejected durians, will you pay to transport the durians back from China to Malaysia? Why you want to bring these rejected durians all the way up back to Raub and Bentong? Are there any shipping ports over there? You think shipping back to Malaysia no need money? And who are the geniuses will bring it back up to Bentong and Raub to sell it RM 30 per kg? Transportation no need to pay? Have some common sense.

  1. Why durians are so cheap in Raub and Bentong?

For durian lovers, we all know the durian orchards are located in Raub and Bentong Pahang. Since the orchards are there, of course it is cheap. They just sell on their door steps like from warehouse.

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We don’t want to comment on the high insecticides because we are not expert for it. Most of the things we mentioned earlier is pure common sense.

We are not experts in durians but we have friends who owned durian orchards, durian stalls and export to China and other countries.

We all know our durian sellers, so do you think they want to spoil their long term reputation by selling rejected durians?

Just think of what we wrote and does it makes sense? Stop spreading fake news and rumours, just go enjoy the cheap durians this time around.