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How to Check Original Enfragrow Enfalac Milk Powder Box & Packaging

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How to Check Original Enfragrow Enfalac Milk Powder Box & Packaging

Updated: 16/12/2017

We all know there are fake infant formula in Johor recently from newspapers and TV a few days ago. There is growing concern from parents about the fake milk powder.


This is the latest information from Mead Johnson from their Facebook Page.

enfalac 2

From the Enfragrow Official Page on Monday (11/12/2017), they posted a picture to differentiate the original and fake packaging with the following statement.

enfagrow official malaysia

Dear Parents,

Mead Johnson has been working with the Malaysian authorities to investigate reports of possible counterfeit infant formula milk powder in Johor Bahru. The retail searches conducted this past week were based on information provided by MJN and resulted from its own investigation.

The searches identified a small percentage of suspect product in a handful of retail outlets within a limited geography in Skudai, Johor Bahru. The only product involved is Enfalac A+ Step 1 in 1.8 kg box, with three foil packs in each box – and only those sold in a small number of stores in Iskandar Puteri, Taman Mutiara Rini, Taman Orkid, and Taman Nusa Bestari. An extensive market search has confirmed no suspect product except for this specific packaging format in this limited geographic area.

As noted, we are working closely with the Malaysian authorities. Retail searches to date have only produced 210 counterfeit packs, but the investigation continues with the objective of completely eliminating their presence. The Malaysian authorities have confirmed that they are actively pursuing the counterfeiting operation and that those connected with it will be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

Our investigation – and the recent retail searches – indicate that the incidence of this counterfeit product is extremely low, but we want to ensure peace of mind for our consumers. The easiest way to identify the counterfeit product is to examine the individual foil pouches. The genuine Enfalac A+ Step 1 pouches are a bit puffy. The counterfeit pouches are tight-fitting to the powder and have distinctive sharp creases on both sides that are not present in genuine pouches, as indicated in the image.

If consumers find pouches of Enfalac A+ Step 1 1.8 kg with such creases in product that they have purchased, they should immediately contact the Mead Johnson consumer care line at 1-800-88-3585 (Monday-Sunday 9.00am -9.00pm) to report their concern and receive replacement product.

If consumers have Enfalac A+ Step1 1.8 kg product that is no longer in the original packaging, they can also contact us for replacement product.



This morning on Facebook, Alex Koh posted that he accidentally purchased the fake milk powder in Melaka. He posted the difference between the fake and original Enfagrow Enfalac Milk Powder Box and inner packaging. We hope this will help concern parents in differentiating the milk powder box.


Picture is from Alex Koh on Facebook. The fake milk powder can be found in Melaka so please check before you purchase!

We are parents too and our boys are still drinking milk powder of other brand. We know how it feels as parents worrying about the fake milk powder. We try our best to give more information to the public so they didn’t purchase the fake product.


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