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Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter and Water Bar Review

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Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter and Water Bar Review

What is the most important food in our life? Water. Our body consists of 60% water and we need to hydrate our body with lots of water. When we need such a huge amount of water, we need to know we are getting the best out of it so we need really clean water.

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter

There are many peoples are paying hundreds of ringgit in getting supplements and vitamins, most of these people missed the importance of clean water. We have kids at home and we want the best for them. Not just healthy food but clean water. That’s why we have Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter.

Many reading this might argue that this is another branded content but wait. Let me show you how Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter changed how we use and drink water at home.

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter tab

How do we make our water clean the conventional way? You boiled it in a kettle or you use the electric kettle. Its either you waste gas or electricity but with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter, you simply drink from the tap. It tastes better than boiled water and the actual fact is we save money on gas and electricity bills.

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter water

Thus, using Diamond Water for it can remove 99.6% of toxic agricultural chemicals. It is really simple actually, simply soaked the vegetables with Diamond Water and rinsed it before you cook it. It tastes better and healthier too.

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter clean

We know many of us spent thousands in renovating our house especially the kitchen but why not spend a little investment for the most important food in our life, water. It is good for you, for your family and your loved ones. We don’t know what sort of nonsense in the water but with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, we know it is clean water.

Now, you too can enjoy the benefits of drinking Diamond Coral Alkaline Water™, for more information please visit Diamond Coral Website and Facebook

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What is Diamond Coral Water Bar?

diamond water bar

Well, this is something new that we wanted to share. It is an innovative ‘water bar’ that can dispense hot water in 3 seconds. Yes, three seconds for hot water and you can save up in boiling water with electricity or gas.

On top of that, there are options for room temperature water, warm water and hot water. All in just a press of the button. Of course, there is a CHILD SAFETY LOCK so it is safe for kids.

This is absolutely easy for us for prepare milk for our boys as it takes only three seconds. If only we knew this product a few years ago, we don’t have to check for water temperature for our infant babies. The warm water is at50℃ and it is good for everyone.


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  1. Three seconds for hot water??? I’ve never heard of anything put out hot water that fast. Is it boiling hot, or just “hot hot” like a Keurig machine?

    Another great thing about the filtration system is tea and coffee tastes so much better with purified water. You don’t foul up the leaves and beans with funky tap water.

  2. May I know, what is the service period for the filter. And also how many filter are there. I’m using Diamond brand too. Need to change mine.

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