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Japan Transparent Milk Tea Review

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Japan Transparent Milk Tea Review

There is a ‘new drink’ in Japan you should really taste. It is the transparent milk tea and lemon tea. It is created by Suntory and it is called Suntory Premium Morning Tea series. They are the milk tea and lemon tea. Many probably heard about the milk tea but not the lemon tea. The Suntory Premium Morning Milk Tea was available in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago but it was sold out. It was imported by a few mini marts.

japan transparent tea
Suntory Premium Morning Tea series

Since we are in Okayama Japan, we went to check out the local mini marts for it. They are available in most mini marts such as 7 Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart and more. We guess many tourists bought this rather than locals.

What is intriguing is the colourless drink is actually lemon tea and milk tea. Since we never tasted it, we asked Mynn from SheWalksTheWorld.com to taste it. You can watch the video below.

The moment you open the drinks, you can smell the scent of the milk tea or lemon tea. The taste for the milk tea is not as strong as the usual one but it taste exactly like milk tea.

For the lemon tea, it tasted exactly like a lemon tea. We don’t know what sorcery behind it (or the science behind it) but this is something you should buy in Japan.

Suntory Premium Morning Tea is selling at 125 Yen each in most mini marts in Japan.

We will update more about Okayama region of Japan soon so keep on reading our blog. Thanks.

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