July 7, 2022

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How to fly to Japan for RM 99 in 2018?

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How to fly to Japan for RM 99 in 2018?

Last year, we flew to Tokyo for less than RM 200 for return ticket and this year we are flying to Hokkaido for RM 400 (return ticket) for two persons. How did we do it? If you read our Japan travel tips, you probably know what are we going to share but if you haven’t then you should read on.

Yes, it is only RM 99 to fly from KLIA2 to Sapporo via AirAsiaX. (return ticket)

We got the best Japan deal via AirAsiaX using the AirAsia BIG Points. This is the cheapest way to travel to Japan and it is cheaper than AirAsia zero fare promotions.

How does it work?

For the base AirAsia BIG points to any destinations in Japan from KLIA2 is 30,000 AirAsia BIG pointsone way (depending on dates and availability). To redeem AirAsia or AirAsiaX tickets, you need to download the AirAsia BIG application via IOS or Android Play Store. You can’t redeem it on desktop anymore as they want consumers to utilise their AirAsia BIG app.


Without any AirAsia BIG promotions, you can travel to any destinations in Japan from KLIA2 for 60,000 AirAsia BIG Points (depending on availability) and you just need to pay the airport taxes. The airport taxes fees inclusive of KLIA 2 to Sapporo (RM 99), Osaka (RM 171) and Tokyo Haneda (RM 157) exclusive of service charges, meals, luggage fees and misc charges.

Now, you probably will be thinking how do I get 60,000 AirAsia BIG points?

The fastest to get so many AirAsia BIG points is from credit card points conversions. Other methods including using AirAsia BIG Loyalty eStore, it is easier and faster to accumulate the AirAsia BIG Points.

airasia big estore outlets
AirAsia BIG Loyalty eStore

We all love to shop online nowadays. Just simply log on to AirAsia BIG Loyalty eStore and shop with their partners and get the AirAsia BIG points. You simply shop like usual and get the AirAsia BIG points for ‘FREE’.

When is the AirAsia BIG Sale?

AirAsia BIG offers two promotions every month! Yes, there are two AirAsia BIG Sales every month and it is called the AirAsia BIG Final Call Sale (for AirAsia flights) and AirAsia BIG Final Call X Sale (for AirAsiaX Flights).

The AirAsia BIG Final Call Sale happens on the first Monday of the month while AirAsia BIG Final Call Sale X happens on the third Monday of the month. You get up to 60% off with AirAsia BIG Points on selected destinations. The promotion varies from month to month.


We used the AirAsia BIG Final Call Sale promotion for our flight to Macau and also AirAsia BIG Final Call X Sale promotion for our flight to Tokyo soon.

Please take note that the AirAsia BIG Final Call X Sale is first come first serves basis. The early birds get the worms so make your decision fast so you won’t lose out.

For more information on AirAsia BIG Final Call X sale, visit AirAsiaBIG.com. Good luck and happy traveling!

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