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Tai Thong Chinese New Year Set Menu 2018

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Tai Thong Chinese New Year Set Menu 2018

It is the time of the year and Chinese New Year is just around the corner. This year’s Chinese New Year falls on 16th February 2018 and we are just one month away. If you are wondering where to book a table to celebrate your company ‘Sau Kong Chau’ (Pre-Chinese New Year Appreciation Dinner), Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner or Chinese New Year celebration dinner, we have a good recommendation for you. The Tai Thong Group of restaurants.

tai thong places and foods

It is a trusted name for serving tasty and delicious Chinese cuisine for decades. This year, Tai Thong theme is called ‘A Bundle of Prosperity’. This year’s set menu includes the Prosperity Yee Sang, Poon Choy, Buddha Jump Over the Wall, Cod Fish, Scallops and Alaskan King Crab.

Let’s look at Tai Tong CNY Set Menu 2018. We started off with their new fruits yee sang. It is called as the Golden Fortune Yee Sang with Assorted Fruits and Nuts.

tai thong cny yee sang
Golden Fortune Yee Sang with Assorted Fruits & Nuts (RM68++/half portion; RM108++/full portion)

This is a healthy version of yee sang, we tasted many vegetable version but never a fruits version. The platter of yee sang comes with ruby-red pomegranate, juicy dragon fruit, tangy mandarin orange and floral-sweet rose apple.

What we like about this version of yee sang is, it is very refreshing and the homemade sauce is not too sweet. We also enjoy the different texture of ingredients such as the crunchy nuts and crackers with a little hint of acidic from the orange.

We know this version is missing the important element of ‘yee’ or fish. You can add-on Salmon & Smoked Duck or other ingredients such as Australian 5-head Sliced Abalone or Jelly Fish. Remember when you toss, you need to say out loud the auspicious words to make this new year ‘Huat ar’!

tai thong cny buddha jump over the wall
Double-boiled Buddha Jump Over the Wall with Abalone (Individual Serving)

This is the double-boiled Buddha Jump Over the Wall from the Golden Auspicious Set. Their version of Buddha Jump Over the Wall comes with mushroom, dried scallop, red dates, abalone and more. The beauty of double-boiled soup is you get to taste the natural flavours from the ingredients.

tai thong cny alaskan crab 2
Hua Tiao Egg White Steamed Alaskan King Crab

Look at that size of the Alaskan King Crab. The beauty of this dish is it is steamed with egg white and Hua Diao wine. Steaming is one of the best cooking method to taste the natural flavour from the crab. The other one is BBQ.

What we enjoyed the most is the soft texture of the meat and also the natural sweetness. The Hua Diao wine offer hints of its fragrance that enhance the taste of the King crab. This is probably the best King Crab dish that we ever tasted in Malaysia.

tai thong cny alaskan crab


This dish reminds me of the steamed King Crab we had in Ushuaia Argentina many years ago. If we were to compare the two versions, we still prefer Tai Thong’s version of King Crab.

The Alaskan King Crab is priced at RM 988 for ala-carte but if you are ordering the Tai Thong CNY Abundant Delight or Golden Auspicious Set Menu, you can upgrade the ‘Steamed Sliced Cod with Mushroom and Chicken Ham’ dish or ‘Cheesy Baked Giant Prawn’ dish to Alaskan King Crab for additional of RM398 only. If you have the budget, we highly recommend you to order this.

tai thong cny cod fish
Steamed Sliced Cod with Mushroom and Chicken Ham

This is another delightful dish. The steamed sliced cod fish comes with sliced mushroom, chicken ham and carrot. What we love about this dish is you can taste the natural sweetness of cod fish and the hint of saltiness from the light soy sauce, mushroom and chicken ham combination. We love this cod fish dish.

tai thong cny poon choy
Opulent Poon Choi (RM 398++)

This is Tai Thong’s famous Opulent Poon Choi. This is popular with its multi layered dishes cooked within one pot. This is a very traditional auspicious dish that originated from China. Now, you can find it in selected Chinese restaurants in Malaysia and Tai Thong Restaurants is one of them.

tai thong cny poon choy 2

What is within the pot is sea cucumber, dried scallop, fish maw, dried oyster, sea prawn, straw mushroom, roast duck, braised pork knuckle, vegetarian goose, fresh beancurd stick, button mushroom, taro, radish, broccoli and fatt choy. The ingredients are stacked layer by layer and cooked with Tai Thong’s secret abalone oyster sauce. For Poon Choi lovers, you can order this.

tai thong cny prawns
Cheesy Baked Giant Prawn (Individual Half Prawn Serving)

Look at the size of that giant prawn. This version of baked giant prawn is cheesy and the taste didn’t overwhelm the natural taste of the prawn. The prawns are fresh and we love that baked cheese. Can we have more?

tai thong cny scallop
Steamed Giant Scallop with Golden Garlic and Glass Vermicelli (Individual Serving)

If you noticed that all the dishes we had so far focused on the natural taste of the food? The main reason for this is the food served in Tai Thong restaurants are fresh.

This steamed giant scallop is cooked to perfection. The scallop is steamed to the perfect texture, not rubbery and it goes well with the glass vermicelli. The fish roe creates that crunchy texture with saltiness after taste which we enjoyed this so much.

tai thong cny lap mei fan
Lap Mei Fan – Claypot Sausage Rice Hong Kong Style

This is another classic auspicious traditional Chinese dish. Every Chinese New Year, we look for this Lap Mei Fan (Claypot Sausage Rice HK Style). What is inside the claypot is the rice cooked with a variety of processed meat. The ‘lap cheong’ Chinese sausage, ‘yun cheong’ duck liver sausage and ‘lap ap’ the waxed duck meat.

When all of these ingredients are cooked together, the fat of the meat will melt into the rice together with dark soy sauce. The rice will have this fragrant aroma from the oil. What we love about this dish is the ‘yung cheong’ duck liver sausage. The strong flavour of the duck liver sausage enhances the taste of the lap mei fan.

tai thong cny double boil dessert
Double-boiled Snow Seeds with Snow Pear and Chinese Healing Herb & Double-boiled Yellow Wood Fungus with Chinese Healing Herb and Dates

The dinner will be incomplete without Chinese soup dessert. We tasted the Double-boiled Snow Seeds with Snow Pear and Chinese Healing Herb & Double-boiled Yellow Wood Fungus with Chinese Healing Herb and Dates. Both are equally refreshing and tummy warming.

tai thong cny radish cake
Divine Radish Cake
tai thong cny nian gou
Red Date “Nian Gao” Duet (Jujube Sticky Rice Cake)
tai thong cny rice cake
Sticky Ginger Rice Cake coated with Almond

The Tai Thong CNY Set Menu 2018 also includes desserts either Divine Radish Cake & Red Date “Nian Gao” Duet (Jujube Sticky Rice Cake), Sticky Ginger Rice Cake coated with Almond or Premium Belgian Chocolate infused in Nitrogen. We tasted all of them and each and every one of them is tasty.

tai thong cny choc dessert
Premium Belgian Chocolate infused in Nitrogen

The highlight of the evening was the Premium Belgian Chocolate infused in Nitrogen. We have never heard of any Chinese restaurants in Malaysia is offering this except for Tai Thong Restaurants. This is part of the Golden Auspicious Set Menu.

The chef will create this chocolate live with nitrogen liquid. You can eat instantly and you will get the sub-zero sensation in your mouth. We tasted many nitrogen infused ice cream in the past but for nitrogen infused chocolate, this is our first time. This is a must try.

Tai Thong Chinese New Year Set Menu 2018 includes Flourish Fortune RM538++ (6 pax), RM 838++ (10 pax), Blooming Prosperity RM638++ (6 pax), RM 1038++ (10 pax), Abudant Delight RM888++      (6 pax),  RM 1488++ (10 pax) and Golden Auspicious RM 1198++ (6 pax), RM 1898++ (10 pax).


Book your Chinese New Year dinner with Tai Thong now!

For more information, check out Tai Thong official FacebookInstagram and Website, or contact 1800-88-2338.

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Oriental Pearl Restaurant (Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort)

Petaling Jaya:
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Imperial Garden Restaurant (Petaling Jaya)
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