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Where to learn Hainanese Chicken rice in Singapore?

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Where to learn Hainanese Chicken rice in Singapore?

Are you traveling to Singapore anytime soon? Have you tasted the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore? Ever wonder where you can learn to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore? The answer is Food Playground and they are located in Chinatown. Once you learn to cook it, you can bring back the popular Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice back to your home country.

food playground wilson
I have mastered Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice. Maybe I should open a restaurant soon?

The Hainanese chicken rice is originated from Hainan China and it was brought over to South East Asia by the Hainanese clan centuries ago. You can find it in countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore but the taste varies from one country to another.

We always wanted to learn Singapore’s version of Hainanese Chicken Rice and luckily we found Food Playground. Food Playground is a cooking school and it offers many Singaporean food to learn.

They teach three different dishes in a day and Hainanese Chicken Rice is on Wednesday together with Wanton Soup and Homemade Chilli Sauce. The class is only three hours and it is ideal for locals and tourists.

food playground china town
The award winning Food Playground cooking school in Chinatown Singapore.

Food Playground is a local Singaporean company. They have won many local and International awards. They are opened for weekdays only from Monday to Friday. The daily menu is different and they will be refreshed every 6 months.

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This is Food Playground’s current menu:

Monday: Nasi Lemak, Prawn Sambal, Curry Puff or Hoon Kueh

Tuesday: Chicken Curry, Roti Jala, Ang Ku Kueh or Ondeh Ondeh

Wednesday: Hainanese Chicken Rice, Wanton Soup, Homemade Chilli Sauce

Thursday: Chicken Satay, Homemade Peanut Sauce, Char Kway Teow

Friday: Laksa, Fried Spring Rolls, Kueh Dadar or Hoon Kueh

If you want to learn to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice then book it the Wednesday session. What do you get when you sign up with Food Playground Cooking Class?

The Food Playground cooking class inclusive of:

English speaking instructor

All ingredients needed for the class

Use of cooking equipment and aprons

Free flow coffee, tea and drinking water

The Food Playground  Itinerary includes:

9:30am meet up at cooking school

Cook 3 dishes under guidance from your instructor

Dine and taste your own creations

12:30pm end of class

Some other information you should know:

Children age 6 years and below are not allowed to participate in this activity

A minimum of 2 participants is required for the class to run. If the minimum number is not achieved, a full refund will be given.

The Food Playground Experience and Review:

I booked the Wednesday and I learn to cook Hainanese Chicken Rice, Wanton Soup and Homemade Chilli Sauce.

I went to different cooking classes and schools in Asia before so I know what I am getting but interestingly, Food Playground offers more than traditional cooking classes.

food playground class
Classmates from UK and Australia.

It started off with introduction of Singapore’s history, culture and food. There is also a game of Singapore food guessing among the tourists.

food playground trivia
Our friends guessing th correct local food.

Coming from Malaysia, I thought I knew the history and background of Singapore in general. However, what I learnt from the introduction session opens my eyes and ears and also the understanding of Singapore’s history, culture and food. I always assumed that Singapore and Malaysia are too alike but we are different and unique on our own.

food playground chicken ingredients
Fresh ingredients for the cooking class.

For the Hainanese Chicken Rice, the recipe is similar but yet the cooking method is different. What I learn from the cooking class is not just an eye opener but also the ‘secret’ of Singapore’s famous Hainanese chicken rice flavours.

food playground
The final product, Hainanese Chicken Rice.

I didn’t know that you can use chicken oil to cook the rice instead of butter. Another secret is to apply salt on the skin of the chicken before you steam the chicken and not boil the chicken. There is also the method in making the chicken skin texture like collagen.

food playground dumpling
Making shrimp dumpling.

You will learn all of this hidden and secret cooking methods and skills when you signed up with Food Playground.

food playground chili paste
Making chili paste with pestle and mortar.

Is it worth it? Well, to be frank what you learn at Food Playground is good enough to open a food stall if you get the technique and taste right. I love the taste of the food I learnt and cooked but I will add more flavours to my liking.

food playground wilson chicken
My chicken rice.

If you have the intention to learn to cook Singapore’s famous Hainanese Chicken Rice, I highly recommend you to learn it at Food Playground. Book it with Klook.com for the best discount.

Food Playground Address:

24A Sago Street, Singapore 059020

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