December 7, 2023


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AirAsia Free Seats with AirAsiaBIG Zero Points

Are you waiting for the AirAsia FREE Seats Sale tomorrow? Why wait when you can get the FREE Seats now with AirAsia BIG application? This one day exclusive is happening now on AirAsia BIG App and we have many friends who got really great deals since early this morning.

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Let’s check out the destinations on AirAsia BIG Zero Points Sale as below.





AirAsia BIG Zero Points Sales Destinations:

Book Date: 4th March 2018

Travel Date: 3 Sep 2018 – 28 May 2019

KUL – Phnom Penh

KUL – Siem Reap

KUL – Alor Setar

KUL – Johor Bahru

KUL – Kota Bahru

KUL – Penang

KUL – Nha Trang

KUL – Kuala Terengganu

KUL – Ho Chi Minh

KUL – Yangon

KUL – Bandar Aceh

KUL – Padang

KUL – Pekanbaru

KUL – Palembang

KUL – Pontianak

KUL – Phuket

KUL – Krabi

KUL – Jakarta

KUL – Bali

KUL – Medan

KUL – Brunei

Since 1 am, some of our friends had booked quite a number of flight tickets. The early birds get the worms but there are still many AirAsia BIG ZERO  points seats available as we checked just now.


There are still many Zero points seats available for KUL – Bali. Click the date to reflect the actual points as there are many people booking the tickets as you are reading this.


This is one of the dates that you pay ZERO points for KUL – Bali.


This is another date that you pay ZERO points for KUL – Bali.


KUL – Phuket ZERO points seats are 95% fully taken up as we did a thorough search. There are still plenty of ZERO points seats for other destinations for example Krabi and Medan.

Remember, you need to download the AirAsiaBIG app on your phone, log in and search from there and not from your desktop computer or laptop. This AirAsia FREE Seats Sale with AirAsia BIG is exclusively on their app only. It is available on Google Play Store and iPhone Store for FREE.

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