December 3, 2023


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Ayam Bakar Pasu Klasik Cheras | Grilled Chicken in Pot Malaysia

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This is not a new Malaysian food. It has been around for years and it gain popularity since last year. We got to know this from our food buddy @mikewes from ‘The Makan Club’ on Facebook. There is one Ayam Bakar Pasu or Grilled Chicken in Pot in Cheras KL. Thus, we went there to taste since @mikewes told everyone the grilled chicken is very tasty.

ayam bakar pasu kl

This ayam bakar pasu stall is called Ayam Bakar Pasu Klasik and they are located at Jalan Desa Aman 1, Taman Desa Aman, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. It is a few hundred metres away from Cheras Leisure Mall shopping centre and it is near the durian stalls as well as the roast duck trucks along this road. You can spot them from the main road. They are open from Saturday to Thursday from noon to 6pm.

The owner is friendly Malay guy and this is HALAL for sure. They told me it is originated from Johor as there are over a dozen ayam bakar pasu stalls there. My other Malay friends told me this is originated from Kelantan.

The concept is simple. They use the pot to grill the chicken. What they do is they burn the charcoal first and put it in the pot. Then, they put the marinated chicken inside the pot and let it cook.

ayam bakar pasu cheras

From time to time, they will open the pot to check the chicken. They will glazed a layer of honey on the chicken to make it sweeter and juicer. Thus, they will also poke the chicken with metal needles to make sure the chicken is cooked.

ayam bakar pasu

Once the chicken is ready, they will glazed another layer of butter to make the skin tastier. It is RM 18 for half bird or RM 25 for full bird. They will charge more if the size of the chicken is huge. It comes with black pepper sauce and you can either take it home or eat there, it is up to you.

ayam bakar pasu malaysia

For tasting, we probably seen the review in the video. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender. Since they use turmeric to marinate and with the sweet honey, the taste is similar to satay chicken. To be honest, this is really good as what @mikewes told us. The taste is good on its own and you don’t even need that flavourful black pepper sauce. You can always take away or tarpao this back home for dinner and it saves you lots of troubles from cooking. We hope you enjoy reading our review and remember to follow us on our Youtube Channel as well as Instagram. Check out their Facebook at

Opening Hours:

Saturday – Thursday : Noon to 6pm

Ayam Bakar Pasu Klasik Cheras Address:

Jalan Desa Aman 1, Taman Desa Aman, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Yum… yum… looks tempting! I will go to Tapao one chicken and home to my mom’s house this weekend. Thank you for sharing yummy food info!

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