March 23, 2023

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Malaysia first female Michelin Starred Chef: Kwen Liew of Pertinence in Paris

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Malaysia first female Michelin Starred Chef: Kwen Liew of Pertinence in Paris

There is a huge buzz in the food scene in Paris right now. The city is celebrating the new list of restaurants listed in their Michelin Guide France 2018. In total there are 57 new restaurants in the new guide. One of them is Pertinence Restaurant in Paris which specialised in French cuisine. The chefs behind this restaurant is Japanese Ryunosuke Naito and Malaysian Kwen Liew. Yes, our first female Michelin starred chef (correct us if we are wrong) born and bred from Ipoh. When we found out about the news, we feel so proud of her. Congrats Kwen Liew!

Chef Ryunosuke Naito and Kwen Liew of Pertinence in Paris

Following their success, there are many articles in Paris are featuring them and their restaurant (we posted some of them below). Surprisingly, there is no Malaysian main media picking up this story yet as we thought this will be very inspiring for the Malaysian chefs out there.

Pertinence Restaurant opened in late March last year and within one year, they received Michelin One Star for their good food and service. We believe as a chef, this is the recognition you dream of to achieve one day. Imagine in the country of the origin of Michelin Guide and there are thousands of restaurants competing to be starred, getting a Michelin star in France is harder and tougher than everywhere else.

Information on Restaurant Pertinence (from their website)

It is between the rue de Grenelle and rue Saint Dominique that the restaurant Relevance opened at the end of March.

In this former bistro, Ryunosuke Naito and Kwen Liew, together in the kitchen as in the city, give life to their first intimate and elegant table. French cuisine is adorned with Japanese techniques to derive all its quintessence.

In the shelter of the Fountain of Mars, Relevance is the confidential address where 18 guests can sit.

You can find out more and book your table at:

Let’s look at some of the articles that featured them due to their success.

Gastronomie : brillante étoile ! (Gastronomy: brilliant star!)

Les propriétaires du restaurant « Pertinence » à Paris, Ryu et Kwen, un couple venu du Japon et de Malaisie, revisitent à leur façon la cuisine française. Aujourd’hui, ils décrochent leur première étoile.

(The owners of the restaurant “Pertinence” in Paris, Ryu and Kwen, a couple from Japan and Malaysia, revisit French cuisine in their own way. Today, they drop their first star.)



Pertinence (One Michelin Star), Paris – A Beautiful Story of Two Asian Chefs Getting their First Michelin Star

Just 7 months after opening their restaurant, Japanese Ryunosuke Naito (who trained at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Paris – including Taillevent and Le Meurice) and Malaysian Kwen Liew (a trained pastry chef) were awarded a Michelin Star for their interpretations of French cuisine. Ryu carefully and expertly transforms market-fresh ingredients into succulent classical French dishes, brushing away the cobwebs of tradition along the way.




Les 50 femmes qui agitent la gastronomie Parisienne (The 50 women who stir up Parisian gastronomy).



Gastronomie : la carte des 370 cheffes à découvrir dans toute la France (Gastronomy: the 370 Cheffes map to discover all over France)



Michelin Announces 2018 Stars for France: 57 Restaurants Gain New Stars at




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