February 9, 2023

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Tamagoya Himeji Review | Raw Eggs On Rice

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Tamagoya Himeji Review | Raw Eggs On Rice

When I visited Himeji Castle in Japan with Mynn (from SheWalksTheWorld.com) last year, she recommended a local restaurant in the city. It is called Tamagoya and it is located opposite of Himeji Castle. The restaurant offers a unique local food, raw eggs on rice.

We managed to get a table as we reached there after lunch. Most of the patrons here are locals and tourists and they have English Menu.

This dish is called Tamakake-Meshi. It comes with bowl of rice with raw eggs and complement with miso soup with seaweeds and pickles. You get FREE refills on rice and raw eggs. It is priced at 580 Yen.

For side dishes, you need to pay extra depending what you order. You can check out the menu and there are side dishes such as unagi, mentaiko, kachiri, cheese, ikura and more.

The specialty here is raw eggs and it is called the Yumesaki Egg.

The story of Yumesaki egg

Since 1915, they have been engaged food of the laying hens. Fujihashi family established in 97 years ago, that provide these ‘safe eggs’.

They have carefully selected the foods of the laying hens which have fish meals, mugworts, pyrollingneous acid and more to about ten kinds of ingredients.

The hens listen to classic music such as Mozart in the clean hen’s houses and lay new eggs every morning. Thus, they will carry the new laid eggs to the restaurant every morning bringing the freshest eggs to their customers.

Mixing raw egg and rice is not a common practise but the taste is pretty good. Since the eggs and rice are free refill, you can add as many eggs and refill the rice as many times as you want.

Tamakake-Meshi with unagi
Tamakake-Meshi with Ikura Salmon Eggs

We just came here for the experience and to taste the Tamakake-Meshi and Yumesaki Egg. After the lunch, we went to Himeji Castle which is another good 10 minutes of walking from the restaurant.

If you are a rice and egg lover, this is the awesome place for you but if you are not, come here for the experience. The food is good and pricing is reasonable considering it is at the prime area of Himeji. This is a good pitstop before you visit Himeji Castle and we walked for 15 minutes from Himeji JR Station.

Tamagoya HimejiAddress:

68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture 670-0012, Japan

Opens daily from 11 am to 5pm.

Phone: +81 79-289-0058

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