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Umi Hachikyo Bettei Oyaji Sapporo Hokkaido Review

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Umi Hachikyo Bettei Oyaji Sapporo Hokkaido Review

On our recent trip to Sapporo Japan, we didn’t go to any of the Michelin Starred restaurants. Instead, we visit some of the local restaurants like Umi Hachikyo Bettei Oyaji. This is a popular local restaurant, Umi Hachikyo Bettei Oyaji or Hachikyo is recommended by Mynn (of SheWalksTheWorld.com). We went there twice as we tried to walk in and reserved a table for the 2nd visit. Walk ins are not recommended for Hachikyo as it is always full with locals.


Hachikyo is located at 〒060-0063 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Minami 3 Jonishi, 3丁目 都ビル. You can easily find them on Google Map and please do read why Google Map is important in Japan here. They are near to Tanukikoji Shopping Street so you can visit Hachikyo and do shopping at the same time.

hachikyo sapporo hokkaido

The front desk speaks English and they have English menu. They offer mainly seafood and the price here is slightly above average.

One of their popular dishes here are the grilled dishes. The use charcoal to grill their seafood. They have Grilled Atka Mackarel from Rausu, Shishamo smelt from Hidaka, fatty salmon belly dried on the beach, Grilled soft dried squid, Simmered Channel Rockfish, Saffron Cod Dried overnight and grilled and Grilled Atka Mackarel from Hokkaido.

hachikyo grilled atka mackerel

We ordered the Grilled Atka Mackarel from Hokkaido at 1,300 Yen. They cut it open and grilled it. The texture is slightly hard but you need to deep it with the sauce to eat it (to make the texture soft). We are not a big fan of this but this goes well with beer.

hachikyo sapporo seafood rice bowl

Next is Tairyo-kaison-don Oisah at 1,990 yen. It is the seafood sashimi rice bowl. What you get depends what they have in store. We had prawns, tuna, salmon, octopus and shellfish. What we love about this is the freshness of the seafood. We never a big fan of seafood sashimi rice bowl until we travelled in Hokkaido. They have really fresh and delicious seafood sashimi rice bowl in this part of Japan.

Their signature dish here is Tsukko Meshi Ikura Donbori or Salmon Roe Rice Bowl. Watch the video to understand why.

They have been sourcing the best salmon roe in each season from seas around the world since 2005. The salmon roe is brined in soy sauce for their tsukko meshi and they sourced twenty tons of salmon roe a year. That’s a lot of salmon roe.

You have three options from 1,990 yen (for small size), 2,490 yen for medium and 4,990 yen for large. We ordered the medium size.

hachikyo sapporo tsukko meshi

The bowl will come in 80% rice and then the waiter will come and pour the salmon roe until it spilled over. The waiter will do this do the pouring session for all the guests at once.

The taste of this is really good. The salmon roe is creamy and salty after taste (as it is brined in soy sauce). We are not a big fan of salmon roe but this is really tasty. For salmon roe lovers, you will definitely love this.

hachikyo sapporo placesandfoods

Umi Hachikyo Bettei Oyaji is definitely worth the visit. We love the food and the whole experience especially the friendly staffs who kept on checking on us. This is not a sponsored review and in fact most of our stories are non-sponsored. Remember to reserve your table in Umi Hachikyo Bettei Oyaji. Google Map Hachikyo Sapporo and you will find the restaurant. They open daily from 6pm.

Hachikyo Address:

Japan, 〒060-0063 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Minami 3 Jonishi, 3丁目 都ビル

Phone: +81 11-222-8940

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