May 27, 2022

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Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton Opens in Mid Valley KL

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Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton Opens in Mid Valley KL

Hong Kong’s famous Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton opens their third outlet in Malaysia. The new outlet is located on the Lower Ground Floor of Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur (opposite Nandos). If you have craving on Hong Kong food especially the wanton noodle and the milk tea, this is the place you should visit.

mak's chee mid valley

Mak Chee started in Guangzhuo, China in 1920s and they moved to Hong Kong in 1938. Since then, their popular noodle earned its reputation and attracted many leaders and trend-setters. Mak’s patrons include a long list of famous celebrities, socialites, food critics, and iconic figures in Hong Kong history, such as opera singer Sun Ma Sze Tsang, Asia’s gambling tycoon Yip Hon, song writer Uncle Jim, food critics Chua Lam and Suzie Wong. In late 1980s, Mak En officially passed on the family recipe and noodle-making skills to his eldest son-in-law Chef Johnny Yu, who become one of the Founders of Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton Malaysia today.

mak's chee mid valley outlet

Mak’s Chee opened their first outlet in Malaysia in 2016 and this is our first time we tasted their food (please don’t judge us). We went to the Mak’s Chee Mid Valley outlet and it was packed.

When you walk in, you will find more space at the back of the restaurant. The restaurant is bigger than it looks from the outside.

Now, let us share the latest Mak’s Chee menu in Mid Valley.

mak's chee malaysia menu noodle

mak's chee malaysia menu snack

mak's chee malaysia menu drinks

If you look at the prices of the food in Mak’s Chee, it is very competitive compare to other shopping mall restaurants. The Mak’s Chee prices in Malaysia is cheaper than Mak’s Chee Hong Kong as we were told.

mak's chee mid valley curry fish ball
HK style curry fish ball

mak's chee mid valley iced milk tea
HK style milk tea

This is something that we always order whenever we travel to Hong Kong and Macau, their version of milk tea. You get the extra tea flavour that you can’t get it here. The good news is Mak’s Chee is selling it here in Malaysia and it tasted the same like the ones in Hong Kong.


mak's chee authentic wonton noodle
Mak’s Chee authentic wonton noodle

This is their wonton noodle with soup. We are not a huge fan of soup based wonton noodle as our Malaysian version is dry, dark and flavourful. However, the soup is very strong in flavour and it is not MSG soup. It is pork broth as we were told. The wontons are hidden within the noodle so you have to ‘dig’ it out. It is best to enjoy this version of soup based wonton noodle within one minute.

The wonton is made from sea prawn and there is no pork inside like the ones from Hong Kong.

mak's chee mid valley shrimp roe noodle
Signature Sea Prawn Dry Noodle with Dried Prawn Roe

Signature Sea Prawn Dry Noodle with Prawn Roe is the one we loved most. You have to add additional RM 5 for the dried prawn roe or dried shrimp roe. Whenever we travel to Hong Kong or Macau, this is one of the dishes we always have.

The noodle is dry and sprinkled with generous amount of dried prawn roe and the wontons are hidden inside the noodle. The noodles texture is al-dente but this version is dry and you can bits of the crunchiness of the dried prawn roe. To be honest, not everyone enjoyed this but we loved this. So it is just the matter of your taste bud.

mak's chee mid valley shrim poe noodle fried wanton
Signature Sea Prawn Dry Noodle with Dried Prawn Roe and Deep Fried Dumpling.


mak's chee mid valley cursory rice
This is Mak’s Chee new signature dish, The Cursory Rice.

This is a typical Hong Kong food. This is simple and nothing complicated. The Cursory Rice comes with premium pork luncheon meat and double sunny side up eggs. If you watched the video, you have to the luncheon meat and eggs to pieces and mix it together. For luncheon meat lovers, you should order this.

mak's chee malaysia food
The food we ordered in Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton in Mid Valley.

Overall, the food is better than we expected. We loved the Signature Sea Prawn Dry Noodle with Dried Prawn Roe, Milk Tea and The Cursory Rice. For price wise, it is ‘standard shopping mall’ pricing and the service is good for a new outlet. We will definitely come back again for the noodles and milk tea. If you have not visited Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton in Mid Valley, please go and visit them.

For more info, visit 

Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton Mid Valley Address:

LG Floor, Mid Valley Megamall (Opposite Nandos)

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