December 8, 2023


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Sg Besi Wantan Mee

sg besi wantan mee

Sg Besi Wantan Mee is one of the most popular food stalls for supper since decades ago. We used to come here after clubbing as the stall opens until 3 to 4 am (depending on food availability). This remains a great place for supper as it is close to party places like TREC KL.

sg besi wantan mee stall

We first dined here is in the mid 1990s during our college days. We will stop here for food after clubbing in discos like Embassy and Emporium back then. It is a pit stop before we drive back to our home.

They offer a variety of wantan mee with char siew, sui know (dumpling), ginger duck, pig leg, Hakka stew pork and wild boar curry.

sg besi wantan mee noodle

We usually ordered the usual wantan mee with char siew and wantan. To be honest, we always find Sg Besi wantan mee as a comfort food rather than a very good plate of wantan mee. The noodles are ordinary, their char siew and wantan is pretty ordinary, didn’t taste anything out of the world. Overall, the taste is above average and it is better than many normal wantan mee stalls out there. Well, this is our opinion and taste differ with different individuals taste palette.

sg besi wantan mee noodle and wonton

Maybe we didn’t try their popular wild boar curry noodle. That could be the one that is tasty with the curry, maybe we come back again and try it next time.

Some might love this but we think it is comfort food. You won’t drive here all the way for wantan mee except you have craving past midnight.

When you finished clubbing past midnight in KL and you don’t want to go for fast food, where else to go? Sg Besi Wantan Mee lor.


Sg Besi Wantan Mee Address:

304, 302, Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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