April 12, 2024


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Malaysian Deported of Australia Over ‘Sexually Depraved Videos’ on Mobile Phone

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Malaysian Deported of Australia Over ‘Sexually Depraved Videos’ on Mobile Phone

Traveling to Australia soon? If you do, please make sure there are no sexually depraved pictures or videos in our mobile phone. According to PerthNow, a Malaysian man caught with violent and depraved sexual images on his mobile phone has been thrown out of Australia.

malaysian man deported

“The 43-year-old, who arrived at Perth International Airport on Wednesday, was deported this morning after Australian Border Force officers stopped him for a baggage check and discovered the abhorrent videos.

They were deemed to contravene the standards of morality, decency and propriety under the Customs Prohibited Import Regulations. It is understood they did not contain images of child sexual exploitation.”

This is not the first case as an Indian man arriving on a Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa was deport last month when he was found with child exploitation material on his phone according to PerthNow.

In a statement, acting ABF Regional Commander for Western Australia, Mark Wilson said officers were committed to preventing the importation of this kind of material.

“Visitors to Australia need to be aware that we are constantly on the lookout for this sort of prohibited material, in addition to the terrible imagery involving child exploitation we are continuing to locate,” he said.

“Videos depicting extreme sexual deviancy and acts of horrific violence are not acceptable in our community and anyone caught engaging in this behaviour risks forfeiting their right to be here.”

If you traveling to Australia, please make sure your phone is clean without such images or videos.

Random checks on mobile phones are rare but since this has happened, there could be more checks on Malaysians in the future. We have travelled to Australia many times but we never checked on our mobile phone before. Maybe this is a random case or they received a tip off.

No matter how, we should not have any of these sexually depraved images or videos in our mobile phone at all times. Please check all your folders especially on your Whatsapp folders as most mobile phones had the autosave functions.


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