December 8, 2023


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Tasman Island Cruise Experience

tasman island

This was my second time visiting Hobart and Tasmania so I decided to try the cruise experience. Since I never did any cruise activities in Hobart, I did some research online and watch some of the cruise videos and I found out that here are a few cruises you can do in Hobart Tasmania and they are the Bruny Island Cruise, Seafood Seduction Cruise and Tasman Island Cruise (with option of Port Arthur). During my second trip, I did two cruises which is Seafood Seduction Cruise and Tasman Island Cruise with port Arthur.

For this story I will be focusing on Tasman Island Cruise experience as Port Arthur could be an optional tour. For your information, I did the cruise during winter time which is in the month of July so it was really cold. The Tasman Cruise experience is 3 hours cruise only, if you add on other options then it will be more than 3 hours.

The morning cruise is from 10:00am to 1:00pm or the afternoon option from 2:00pm to 5:00pm (depending on cruise operator).

The gathering point is at Hobart Constitution Dock. There will be a group transfer from Hobart to Eagle Hawk Neck. I start the boat ride journey at Eagle Hawk Neck with other guests.

tasman island cruise eagle neck

The morning was cold but calm. There was a little drizzling and hence there is a rainbow or double rainbow sometimes during most of our way to Tasman Island.

Like other cruises in Australia, there is safety briefings and safety vests for me to put on. There is also a huge raincoat for everyone. That helps a lot especially the freezing winter wind.

tasman arch

In the three hours cruise, you will discover the unique rock formations and deep sea caves like you never seen before.

You will be encountering diverse wildlife (depending on your luck) such as seals, sea birds, dolphins and more.

tasman island seals

Three hours are not long as it takes time for everyone to visit various stops during the cruise. The guides are very professional and they make sure everyone is safe at all times.

During most stops, everyone will have time to take pictures or videos. The guide will also gives everyone information on various topics such as the rock formations, deep sea caves as well as identifying the wildlife. They also share some of their own experiences as guides for this Tasman Cruise.

tasman island high islands

When we reached Tasman Island, it was raining and the sea was rough. I didn’t manage to take any videos but I took some photos as I had Samsung S8 which is water proof.

The story of Tasman Island is quite unique. It is a small island with the light house on top of the island. There used to be people staying on this island. To transport things up to the island, they must collect it from the boats using that small ‘carriage’ via the rope. The island is now inhabited with people as the lighthouse is automated since 1977.

tasman island zipline

Overall, this is one of the most exciting cruises I have experienced in Australia.  This is the unseen Tasmania and I love the experience. The weather was not at its best but it was fun and exciting! I signed up for a three hours cruise but they give me an adventure! For those who are traveling to Hobart Tasmania, this is a must do!

tasman island places and foods

You can book The Tasman Island cruise on at or with options of Port Arthur or Tasmanian Devil Park.

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