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Jigger & Shaker D’Tempat Country Club Seremban

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Jigger & Shaker D’Tempat Country Club Seremban

jigger & shaker

Ever wonder where you can find a live band in Seremban with good food so you can chill? We travelled around Asia for food and travel and a few weeks ago, we went to Seremban to check out a new dining and supper restaurant. It is called the Jigger & Shaker and it is located at d’Tempat Country Club, Bandar Sri SendayanSeremban. The d’Tempat Country Club is located next to Matrix Global School and the restaurant offers dinner and supper from 3pm till 1am daily.

jigger & shaker bar

D’Tempat Country Club is not exclusive to club members and it is open for public. There are free outdoor and indoor parking spaces available. Jigger & Shaker is located next to the swimming pool.

The restaurant offers a casual and relaxing environment that is ideal for couple, friends and families. The al-fresco area overlooks the swimming pool while inside the restaurant offers a romantic low light dining experience with live band or you can chill and have a drink or two at the bar area.

jigger & shaker interior

Jigger & Shaker offers Western cuisine and the food is created and prepared by Egyptian Chef Ossama (Sam). Now, let’s check out the food we had at Jigger & Shaker.

jigger shaker seremban full shot

J & S Chicken Nachos, RM25

jigger and shaker nachos

For starters, we ordered the nachos. It comes with generous portion of nachos with guacamole, salsa, jalapeno, sour cream, chicken bolognaise and mozzarella. This is good for sharing for two pax and above. This reminds us on the nachos we had in restaurants in Australia during our university days.

Wild Buffalo Chicken Wings with Crinkle Fries, RM28

jigger and shaker chicken wing

This is another good sharing dish you can order. Fried chicken wings coated with sweet and spicy sauce, topped with sesame seed, jalapeno and served with crispy crinkle fries. The chicken wing is fried to perfection and it is crispy on the outer layer. The taste is sweet with spicy after taste. This goes well with beer or Somersby.

J & S Chicken Burger with Fries, RM25

jigger and shaker chicken burger

If you are a burger lover, you should try J & S Chicken Burger. They use crispy chicken fillet with grilled pineapple, cheese, onions, homemade tomato relish and French fries. We love the tender juicy chicken fillet and the portion is generous.


Beef Burger with Charcoal Bun 

jigger and shaker beef burger

For beef burger lover, Jigger & Shaker do offer their version with charcoal bun. Their version of beef burger comes with thick and juicy beef patty with crispy French fries.

Angus Beef Chimicurri

jigger and shaker beef

The Angus Beef Chimicurri is served with crispy crinkle fries. The chimicurri is a spicy sauce from Argentina. We tasted the chimicurri sauce when we travelled in Argentina many years ago. The degree of ‘doneness’ for this beef is medium rare. The beef didn’t overcook and it taste good.


Bismarck Pizza, RM33.50

jigge and shaker pizza

For pizza lovers, you must order the Bismark Pizza. The hand toss pizza comes with beef salami, onion rings, tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, egg and chili flakes. We love the texture of the thin layered crust and the taste is pretty good.

Linguine Alla Pescatore, RM36

We went to the kitchen to take the video on how the Linguine Alla Pescatore is cooked by Chef Sam. Watch the full video below.

It is a seafood linguine pasta with prawns, squid, mussels and clams. We love the taste of their version of linguine alla pescatore, it is flavourful and no complains. The linguine is al-dente and the seafood are fresh.

jigger and shaker seafood linguine pasta



Royal Platter, RM188 (for 6 to 8 pax)

jigger and shaker signature platter

If you are looking for a platter for sharing, you should order the Royal Platter. This is as good as it looks. The Royal Platter is J&S meat platter comes with BBQ spring chicken, mixed German sausages (3 types), chicken chop, char-grilled lamb with cheese sauce (4 pcs) accompanied with tortilla bread, generous portion of wedges and roasted mixed roots. The platter comes with 4 types of sauces such as dijon mayonnaise, sriracha mayo, black pepper sauce, and gherkin.

jigger & shaker platter

If you plan to have dinner with friends or family, you can order this for sharing.

Matcha Chocolate Lava Cake with Green Tea Ice Cream, RM14.50

jigger and shaker matcha

For desserts, lets start with their version of  Matcha Chocolate Lava Cake with Green Tea Ice Cream. The warm Matcha Chocolate Lava Cake complements well with cold Green Tea Ice Cream and garnished with strawberries, chocolate chips, and marshmello. If you are a chocolate lava cake lover, this is a must order!


Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake, RM25.50 (non-alcoholic)

jigger and shaker strawberry cake

This Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake comes with a piece of strawberry cheesecake. We are milkshake lover and we enjoyed this. We also love the strawberry cheesecake and this is the last dish to end our feast at Jigger & Shaker.


jigger burito challenge

Burrito Challenge at Jigger & Shaker for the whole month of September, 2018. Try your luck and win some cool prizes!


Somersby On Going Promotion at Jigger & Shaker. For Somersby lovers, don’t wait! Just go order a bucket at Jigger & Shaker!

jigger and shaker

Finally, there is a proper restaurant and bar in Seremban that offers good Western food with live band! If you are staying in Seremban and looking for an awesome place to chill or for dining, we recommend Jigger & Shaker at D’Tempat Country Club Seremban. Overall, the food is good and it is an ideal place for couples, friends and families.

Jigger & Shaker Address:

d’Tempat Country Club, PT 12653, Jalan Pusat Dagangan Sendayan 1, Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel: 012-278 5236


Instagram: @jigger.shaker

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