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Malaysia Airports Best Restaurants Taste MIGF 2018

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Malaysia Airports Best Restaurants Taste MIGF 2018

This month of September is Taste MIGF 2018! We were invited for the 2 days gastronomy extravaganza to feature Malaysia Airports best cuisines under the banner of “Taste of Malaysia Airports”.

This year, Malaysia Airports featured three of their best restaurants – Bumbu Desa, Fukuya and Grandmama’s. All of these three restaurants showcased some of their most popular dishes that are a hit with travellers at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

These three restaurants were part of the Top 25 winners from last year’s annual KULinary event – a signature dining discovery campaign hosted by Malaysia Airports that celebrates gastronomic excellence and dining experiences at both terminals of the airport, KLIA main terminal and klia2. The annual KULinary event provides the most ideal platform for travellers to sample a variety of exciting F&B offerings that are available at the airport, which include eateries associated with well-established international brands as well as popular local eateries.

Grandmama’s KLIA

Let’s start with Grandmama’s restaurant. They serve traditional Malaysian flavours that bring back the fond memories of grandmothers cooking in the kitchen. That is the reason why they call themselves Grandmama’s. Grandmama’s is located at Departure in KLIA.

Grandmama’s Nasi Lemak

We tasted their popular dish nasi lemak at Taste MIGF event. It doesn’t look as good as it is in the restaurant as they cooked it in the pop-up stall. However, don’t judge the book by its cover.

We love the texture of the coconut rice, the sambal is spicy and the rendang is flavourful. Truthfully, we enjoyed Grandmama’s nasi lemak.

Fukuya Japanese Restaurant KLIA

Fukuya is a must visit Japanese restaurant located in the satellite terminal of KLIA. At Taste MIGF, they showcased three dishes – Hotate Miso Soup (Miso Soup with Scallops), Unagi Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Sea Eel Roll) and Shake Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Salmon Roll).

Like we mentioned earlier, this event is at Taste MIGF 2018 so they were operating at pop-up stalls.

The Hotate Miso Soup

The Hotate Miso Soup comes with generous amounts of scallops. The miso soup is warm and delicious.

The Unagi Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Sea Eel Roll) and Shake Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Salmon Roll) is similar but the filling is different.

Unagi Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Sea Eel Roll)

The outer layer is lightly battered and deep fried to crispiness. What is interesting is both Uramaki is spicy and they use green chili. Green chili taste slightly acidic and it adds the spicy after taste.

The taste of the uramaki is savoury compares to the usual sushi rolls. The fish roe adds the crunchy texture and hints of saltiness to the overall taste.

Shake Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Salmon Roll)

We enjoyed both The Unagi Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Sea Eel Roll) and Shake Uramaki (Deep Fried Spicy Salmon Roll).

Bumbu Desa KLIA 2

Bumbu Desa is located at KLIA2 Departure Level Public Concourse. They offer a feast for us to taste during Taste MIGF 2018.

Bumbu Desa is a popular restaurant offers the best of Indonesian cuisine. Some of their signature dishes include Nasi Nasi Tumpeng (a special dish made to celebrate important events), Ikan Bawal Taliwang Lombok (pomfret with special Taliwang Lombok sauce), Ayam Cabai Jio, Gulai Kikil and more.

Ayam Cabai Jio

This is one unique dish from Indonesia. The texture of the chicken is tender and the green chili paste is spicy. What we like is the chicken is juicy and the spiciness you can get from Cabai (spicy chilli).

Kari Kambing

The lamb curry is cooked to perfection. The lamb texture is soft with thick gravy and it complements well with the rice.

Rendang Daging

The Rendang Daging or Rendang Beef is aromatic and flavourful. However, the texture of the meat is harder than expected. Probably setting up in the pop-up stall changes the cooking timing of the rendang.


Ikan Bawal Taliwang Lombok

You can’t go wrong with deep fried dish. The Ikan Bawal is crispy on the outer layer and soft on the inner layer. The chili paste adds the spicy flavours onto the fish.

Gulai Kikil

At first, we thought this is calamari but the texture is softer than calamari. We found out that this is actually stew beef tendon. The Gulai Kikil is another unique Indonesian dish by Bumbu Desa that goes well with the rice.

For those who can’t make it to Taste MIGG 2018, there will be something awesome for food lovers coming soon.

Food lovers are encouraged to join the upcoming KULinary event at KLIA in November to discover the best hidden food gems that are available at both terminals of the airport. There will also be lots of fun activities and special meal deals for passengers to enjoy. It is time to discover more good food in Malaysia Airports especially in KLIA and KLIA 2.


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