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Florence Resort Villa Cingjing Nantou Taiwan Review

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Florence Resort Villa Cingjing Nantou Taiwan Review

florence resort

CingJing or QingJing is a tourist attraction area in Ren’ai Township in Nantou Taiwan. The main attraction is the CingJing Farm and this is up on the mountains in Nantou. We went there during winter earlier this year and it was cold. In fact, there are snow-capped mountains near this part of Taiwan. The next question is where to stay in CingJing? There are quite a number of resorts available here and we stayed in Florence Resort Villa.

Florence Resort Villa is a theme resort and they offer various European countries theme rooms. Depending on the room types you choose, you will get different types of theme and design.

florence resort villa taiwan

Our room is the Italian theme as you can spot the Rome inspired design painting as well as the architecture and design of the room itself.

florence resort villa design

Check out the video we took for the comprehensive walkthrough of the room.

As we mentioned earlier, it was winter so it was below 5 degree Celsius and there is a heater to warm the room.

The bed, the paintings, carpet, lights and the chandeliers carry the ‘Italian’ theme. The room is spacious and it comes with a working desk, coffee machine, flat screen TV and more.

florence resort villa room

The bathroom is also enormous in size as it comes with the custom made ‘Roma’ style bathtub. The bathtub can easily fit a couple of our size.

florence resort villa bathroom

We checked into the resort during evening so you might wonder how is the view from this hotel. In the morning, we took this photo from the balcony of the room. What we can say is CingJing is a stunning place to visit and to stay.

florence resort villa taiwan mountain view

This is not a new resort villa hotel so the furniture shows some aging but other than that the room is pretty well maintained and clean.

You have to self drive to CingJing or hire a van from Taipei. It takes hours from Taipei International Airport to reach CingJing. We love the weather, the scenery and the beauty of CingJing and the experience is more nature and laid back. Book your room at Florence Resort Villa with Agoda.com at https://www.agoda.com/florence-resort-villa/hotel/nantou-tw.html?cid=1538606



Florence Resort Villa Cingjing Nantou Taiwan Address:

546, Taiwan, Nantou County, Ren’ai Township, 榮光巷8-3號

Phone: +886 4 9280 3820

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