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STB launches new Visit Sarawak More To Discover Campaign Logo

sarawak tourism minister

Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) launches the Visit Sarawak Campaign Logo with new tagline of More to Discover, ahead of its official launch scheduled for this December. The event was held in J.W. Marriot Hotel Kuala Lumpur a few days ago.

sarawak tourism board event kuala lumpur

We have not travelled to Sarawak for more than five years and we were excited to attend our first Sarawak Tourism Board event. At the event, we met many familiar faces from the tourism industry including bloggers and influencers.

sarawak tourism board jw marriot

This is our first time attending the Sarawak Tourism Board event and we were impressed. We love the ambiance of the ballroom. The tables and the decorations are nicely done.

sarawak event bloggers

The launch gambit is lovely with the dancer dancing inline with the visual at the background. The event team did a good job. You can watch the video we took during the event.

Visit Sarawak More To Discover Campaign Logo

Our first impression on the Sarawak More to Discover logo. It is simple, colourful, fun and approachable. To be honest, this is one of the best tourism logos in Malaysia we have seen.

sarawak more to discover logo

We love the brush strokes and the hornbill head as well as the traditional artwork in the logo. If you read our blog, we do use bush stroke font type face in our photos.

S- The ‘S’ is in red colour (in Sarawak flag) and it features a curling pattern, imitating a traditional design that often used in the artwork of the Dayak and Orang Ulu people. The red also symbolises the courage, determination and sacrifices of the people in their tireless pursuit to attain and maintain progress and esteem in the course of creating a model State.

A- The ‘A’ is in orange colour represents the strong spirit and the vibrant energy of the different ethnic communities in Sarawak.

R – The ‘R’ in yellow colour represent the colour of Sarawak flag and it means the supremacy of Law and Order, unity and stability in diversity

A – The ‘A’ in green colour represents the “Bumi Kenyalang” that the State has been labelled for years as well as the cultural significance the hornbill has to the indigenous people of Sarawak. The green also represents the nature attraction of Sarawak.

W – The ‘W’ in blue colour reflects the calmness of the ocean along Sarawak’s long coastline.

A –  The ‘A’ in lighter blue colour representing the ocean.

K – The ‘K’ in dark green represents the luscious rainforests teeming with life.

‘More To Discover’ Tagline

What is ‘More to Discover’ tagline means? The decision to have the More to Discover’ tagline is to shout out to the world that Sarawak has more offerings than anyone could imagine.

Discover Culture

Sarawak is the largest state in Sarawak ad it is home to 27 ethnic groups, speaking 45 languages and dialects and each with their own stories, colourful cultures, traditions, and beliefs that makes Sarawak a cultural extravaganza just waiting to be explored!

sarawak ba kepalan
View of parts of Ba kelalan
sarawak long semadoh sunrise
Long Semadoh sunrise

We have been a few places in Sarawak such as Kuching, Miri, Lawak, Ba kelalan and Long Semadoh and we met fantastic people there. The culture and thinking of the Sarawakians are different as they are friendlier and happier. You can see multi races and multi ethnics chit chatting in the coffee shop. This is a common sight in Sarawak.

pandelela edited

A fine example will be Pandelela Rinong. We met her during the Asian Games in Incheon 2014 and she shows her friendly and approachable side to us. We still chit chat when we bumped to each other and she is one good example of a role model Sarawakian. We are proud of her achievements in diving.

Discover Adventures

We hear so many things about adventures in Sarawak. The only adventure we had is riding the 4×4 car from Lawas to Long Semadoh. We were there for a telco event three years ago.

On top of that, Sarawak is popular for jungle trekking, adventure caving, mountain climbing and jungle expeditions. Visitors also can participate in water activities such as diving, watersports, fishing, skiig and yachting.

Discover Nature

Sarawak offers a whopping 56 totally protected areas, 37 gazetted national parks, five wildlife sanctuaries and 14 nature reserves. The rainforests is about the size of Austria!

Its rainforests house the world’s richest and most diverse ecosystem. It is home to the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, squirrels, orang utan, hornbill, proboscis monkey, silverleaf monkey and more!

Discover Food

We have been to Kuching for food and we must say it is very unique and good as well. There are many unique dishes you must try which include the ‘manok pansuh’ which is chicken cooked in bamboo. Not forgetting the savoury Sarawak Laksa, the popular Kolo mee and the Kompia!

kuching kampua - Copy
Kompia in Kuching

The late Anthony Bourdain had popularised the ‘laksa Sarawak’ as a breakfast option where he referred it as ‘breakfast of gods’ and featured the dish in his globally-acclaimed series, No Reservation and the CNN Parts Unknown.

kuching dewan undangan negeri - Copy

Writing this makes feel like revisit Sarawak again for a food trail. We love Sarawakian food and there is a growing trend of finding Sarawak food in Kuala Lumpur. There more stalls selling Kolo Mee in recent years and also interest in finding authentic Sarawak food in Klang Valley.

Time to visit Sarawak again as there are more to discover!


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