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Uniqlo Clearance Old Stock Kids T Shirt from RM 9.90

uniqlo malaysia kids

We are huge fans of Uniqlo since they opened in Malaysia. Actually, we are their loyal customers as they have different types of clothing from time to time. It is no secret that we use the Uniqlo HeatTech as we travelled to cold and winter places.

uniqlo kids pixar

We all know Uniqlo changes their styles and design for festivals and seasons. For that reason, they need to clear their old stocks. You don’t hear Uniqlo Malaysia doing a factory outlet style of clearance but we do clear out their old stocks in their outlets.

uniqlo kids one piece

For what we know that the bigger outlets offer these old stocks for clearance. The top three huge outlets in Klang Valley is Uniqlo KLCC, Fahrenheit and One Utama.

uniqlo malaysia lego

We check out Uniqlo stores from time to time for good clearance deals. This time around, Uniqlo IOI City Mall is clearing some of the old stocks. The other huge outlets also offering clearance for old stocks but it depends how many of these stocks left.

uniqlo kids toys story

Since Christmas and Chinese New Year is around the corner, we found some great deals on the Kids section. Some of the old stock Kids Printed T Shirt is sold at RM 9.90 per piece. Those are not popular designs from the Pixar and the Jump Series.

uniqlo kids monster university

The Jump 50th Graphic T-Shirt is at RM 19.90 each.

uniqlo kids jump series

You can also find T Shirts of Kids Lego Printed Series and the Discovery Channel Dinosaur series at RM 19.90.

For the newer Sesame Street x Kaws printed T Shirt series, it is price at RM 29.90 each.

For what we know that the usual price for kids T shirt is either RM 29.90 or RM 39.90. Thus, the discount to RM 9.90 is huge but it depends on stock availability. It is first come, first serve basis.

uniqlo kids easy shorts

The Kids Boys Easy Shorts is priced at RM 29.90 each and the colours and designs are pretty good.

uniqlo kids sesame street

For Kids Girls, you can also find My Little Pony and Sanrio Characters Series Printed T shirts at RM 19.90 each. Some of the short pants are priced at RM 19.90 each.

uniqlo kids my little pony

We did our shopping for our boys. To be honest, this price is cheaper than what you can get in ‘pasar malam’ or the morning market sellers. These are quality clothing by Uniqlo and the reason of the pricing is they want to clear the old stock to make space for the new stock to come in.

uniqlo kids toys story shirt

Stocks availability is based on the outlets and how many stocks are left. These are clearance stocks so they are selling fast like hot cakes.

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