February 1, 2023

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KLIA New Malaysian Passport Autogate

We just came back from Bangkok and reached KLIA late at night. As usual, we took the aerotrain to the main building, walk down the escalator and head to the Malaysian Passport Autogate on the middle left. To our surprise, the usual Malaysian Passport Autogates are being sealed with partitions and the officers told us to move to the right and we saw the brand new Malaysian Passport Autogates.

Remember the old autogate you have to wait for the door to open for you to enter, scan your passport and then only scan your thumbprint? It is easy process but there are still many Malaysians failed the steps.

KLIA New Malaysian Passport Autogate Steps:

  1. Scan Passport
  2. Autogate door open and enter
  3. Scan Thumbprint
  4. Second autogate door open and done!

The new Malaysian Passport Autogate works slightly different. You have to scan your passport to open the autogate door.

After you enter, you scan your thumbprint and the second autogate door will opens.

It is two different step process and it looks easier and simpler.


This means if the machine can’t scan your passport, you simply walk to the counter. You don’t have to waste time entering and exiting the autogate as it takes a lot of time. This will lessen the long queue.

With two different steps, it is easier to understand. Scan the passport page, enter the autogate and scan thumbprint and good to go.

We are not sure whether Malaysia Airports will add more of these new Malaysian Passport Autogate in KLIA and installing these new Malaysian Passport Autogate in KLIA2.

To be frank, we have seen the changes made by Malaysia Airports within this few months. The new upgraded toilets in KLIA looks better than it used to be. We hear that they will be renovating the airport by phrases.

We hope this article will help you understand how to use the new Malaysian Passport Autogate in KLIA!

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