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Win FREE Ribs for One Whole Year with Naughty Nuri’s “Ribs Master Challenge”

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Win FREE Ribs for One Whole Year with Naughty Nuri’s “Ribs Master Challenge”

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Are you big fan of Naughty Nuri’s rack of ribs? Time for you to check out Naughty Nuri’s “Ribs Master Challenge”. It is all about the famous Balinese style pork ribs and Naught Nuri’s is calling all foodies to discover who can eat a rack of ribs in the fastest time for the chance to win FREE ribs for one whole year! Let us repeat it again, win FREE ribs for one whole year.

naughty nuri ribs challenge

We were invited to Naughty Nuri’s a few weeks ago with other foodies at Atria Shopping mall. Some of our friends went to challenge each other for the “Ribs Master Challenge” to stand a chance to win the Free Ribs for one year.

So what you need to do is you need to test your eating speed skills by ordering a rack of ribs, a staff will time all participants and a leaderboard in each participating outlet will track who has eaten the ribs in the fastest time.

From 1st September – 30th November, the leader (fastest time) will be awarded free ribs he/she dines in at the respective participated outlet. The remaining challengers on the scoreboard will be entitled to ribs at 50%. After 30th November, top leaders from each outlet will be invited to a final showdown to go head-to-head against each other for the chance to be the called Naughty Nuri’s ‘Ribs Master’2019.

The rules are simple. Participate the challenge and if you are the leader of the outlet, you get to eat free. If you remain on the score board, you will get 50% off. Lastly, if you can’t make it you pay for your ribs.

The campaign will officially begin on the 1st of September 2018 at all the outlet listed below and open for participation from 3pm onwards daily:

1) Naughty Nuri’s Atria

2) Naughty Nuri’s Desa Sri Hartamas

3) Naughty Nuri’s Subang Courtyard

4) Naughty Nuri’s Live Centre

There can only be ONE ‘Ribs Master’ at the end of this oinksome pigging out campaign! Check out the video and see how fun it can be!

naughty nuri pork ribs

If competing is not your thing, check out ‘Ribs Master Sidekick’’; 3 dishes offered bi-weekly at a slashed of price with total of 15 choices . All Access Card holders can buy any of the 15 dishes anytime.

Check Naughty Nuri’s Facebook and Instagram pages for exciting updates on ‘Ribs Master Challenge’ 2019.

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Please take note that the challenge is still valid until end of the month so we are calling you to try your luck and who knows you can win FREE ribs for next year and you can bring us too! Go and join and show us your hidden talent!


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