November 30, 2023


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IPC Shopping Centre Swede-est Christmas and 15th Anniversary Celebration

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IPC Shopping Centre Swede-est Christmas and 15th Anniversary Celebration

ipc christmas 2018

This Christmas, IPC Shopping Centre offers a Swedish-like Christmas decorations and celebrations inspired by the old town of Gamla Stan in Stockholm Sweden. This year also marks the centre’s 15th anniversary.

ipc shopping centre

We still remember the days when IPC Shopping Centre opened 15 years ago. IKEA moved from One Utama to its own first store with IPC Shopping Centre. Back then, IPC was the only anchored by IKEA shopping centre in Malaysia. This year, IPC Shopping Centre underwent a redevelopment and rebranded itself to become a better community shopping centre.

ipc shopping centre front door

The new IPC offers so much more for the local community. One of the things my family love most is the kid-friendliness. In fact, this is one of the most kid-friendly centre in Klang Valley.

ipc shopping centre kids entry

There is a special entrance for kids and various places for kids to play and interact. There is also kids toilets and it is very handy for parents.

ipc shopping centre link

If you notice, IPC also have more walkways and sky bridges to the opposite mall. So convenient. This is how community shopping centre works, it complements to each other.


The retail shops are more organized now and we love how they move the supermarket to Lower Ground Floor together with restaurants and café.

ipc shopping centre playground

There’s definitely more shops to see and my boys always get excited to go to the second floor. That’s where the kids play area is at.

ipc christmas 2018 decoration

Since Christmas is around the corner, the entire concourse is decked up in Christmas decorations and if you’re looking for places to take Insta-worthy pictures, look no further. It will be here until New Year’s Day.

ipc swedish christmas

The decorations are quite interesting. There’s festive Scandinavian houses, lighted reindeers, Tomte figurines, a 19-feet Christmas tree, together with a life-size Yule Goat. It’s very Swedish-inspired, hence the name “Swede-est Christmas”. Our boys love the Christmas decorations!

ipc zen hoong


Our youngest boy sitting with Tomte figurines. He was a bit shy.

ipc christmas kid

He loves Christmas decorations and these Tomte figurines are too cute not to take picture with.

ipc christmas tree 2018

Our eldest boy can’t wait to take photo with the giant Christmas tree.

ipc christmas house

Posing with the reindeer and Tomte figurines

ipc christmas slide

They were pretty excited with this Yule Goat slide!

On top of that, there are different types of activities during the weekends such as arts and crafts workshop for kids and special dance performances. The Snow Globe workshop looks really interesting. Might just drop by this weekend again so the boys can take part and I can do some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Also, if you are free this Saturday, 15th December, it would be the perfect time to drop by IPC. Because I saw their Facebook page and in conjunction with their 15th year anniversary, they will be having a special giveaway for 15 lucky shoppers. There will be prizes worth up to RM25,000! This is all happening on 15th December 2018, at 15:00 hours.

ipc goat

Don’t say I never invite!


Visit IPC for this festive season and experience Christmas the Swedish way. Trust us, you don’t get to see Swedish Christmas decoration anywhere else.


We would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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