March 24, 2023

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Japan Pocket 4G WIFI for Nagoya, Takayama and Shirakawago

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Internet data is important while traveling in Japan. The priority of Internet data is not social media but essential apps like Google Translate, Google Map and Google. There are three options you can do whenever you travel to Japan. It is either you have mobile roaming, get a Japan SIM Card or rent a Japan Pocket 4G WIFI. We tried getting a Japan SIM Card and renting a Pocket WIFI and we still prefer getting the pocket WIFI as it is more convenient (especially you are traveling in a small group).

The next question is where do we rent our Pocket WIFI? You probably read our previous experiences but the answer is still the same. We get it from The lowest deal is RM 12 per day (depends on availability) and it is unlimited data. For Malaysians, you can collect it from KLIA or KLIA2. Book it at

We travelled to Nagoya, Takayama and Shirakwago this month and the mobile date coverage is top notch. We can play games (Pokemon Go) and access to the Internet while traveling to these three places.

The Pocket 4G WIFI battery life can use up until late evening (usage for two devices). At night, we watch Youtube and videos using the Pocket WIFI and the internet data speed is fast and good enough for three devices.

If you are planning to visit Nagoya, you can consider the day trip tour inclusive of Takayama and Shirakawago and you can get it from Klook at

We have been using Klook for our travel for the past three years in many countries include Japan, Australia, Macau, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Remember to review your experiences to get FREE credits to redeem your next travel.

Lastly, always book your Japan Pocket 4G WIFI early for the best rates and availability. Please don’t wait until last minute to book the Pocket WIFI as there are limited units in the market especially during peak season.

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