June 11, 2024


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How Cancelling Grab Car Booking During the Ride Could Risk Your Life

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We usually take the Grab Car to go to the airport or while traveling in ASEAN countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. In one of our rides from the airport back to our home last year, the Grab driver requested me to cancel my Grab Car booking so he doesn’t need to pay the commission back to Grab. The young man kept on asking for me to cancel the Grab booking so he can make the extra bucks. For many people, it could be why not since it doesn’t really ‘harm us’ anyways. However, that is not the truth.

Few things you need to understand when you cancel Grab Car booking while taking the car ride.

Firstly, once you cancel the Grab Car booking, you are no longer on a Grab Car Ride. Grab Car is not accountable on anything happened during the ride.

Secondly, you will not be insured by Grab Car and you have to rely on the insurance of the car owner. Since this is a commercial activity, most car insurance might not cover third party (if the car owner bought the insurance). In layman terms, you are not insured and if there is a car accident or theft, you are not covered. You will be covered by your own Insurance (if you have one).

Grab is trying to make the ride safe by registering the car driver and the car and also getting the right insurance so travellers have a piece of mind.

If you cancel the Grab Car Booking during the ride, the responsibility will be on your side. Is it worth to take such risk for the sake of ‘helping the Grab Car driver to make some extra bucks’? The answer is a BIG NO.

We hope you understand the risk. This is not a sponsored post by Grab Car. We just want you and everyone to ride safe with Grab Car. Thank you very much.

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