April 15, 2024


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Peach Airlines Self Check In Kiosk in Japan is Made from Cardboard

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peach airlines japan cardboard kiosk

One of the main reasons we travel to Japan every year is you can always find new experiences and new surprises. When we went to Kansai Airport LCCT Terminal 2 recently, we realized that Peach Airlines self check in kiosks are actually made from cardboard! Watch the video below.

The main reason we visited Kansai LCCT Terminal 2 as they were named as the Best Airport for Low Cost Carrier in 2018 by Skytrax. Since our flight is at late at night, we went to airport early and check out this LCCT Terminal 2. You have to take a free shuttle bus from the Kansai Airport AeroPlaza building to LCCT Terminal 2 building. It is a stand alone terminal on the other side of the airport.

The interior of LCCT Terminal 2 is similar to the old LCCT Terminal in Sepang. The design is like a ‘warehouse’, simple and clean. Once we entered the Departure Hall, we were impressed by Peach Airlines self check in kiosks.

peach airlines japan cardboard self check in kiosk

A closer look at it, the kiosks are made from cardboard! How cool is that?

We went back to Malaysia and did some research online and found out that Peach Airlines work with Yaneura Design for these kiosks. This kiosks are taller to make them stand out in the terminal and also easier for the airlines to update branding and advertising imagery. It is also reduced overall manufacturing and transportation costs.

peach airlines japan places and food

The kiosks come with 17 inches touch screen display, bigger than the usual 15 inch screen and this allows the airlines to display advertising or promotional content with self check in instructions. This is similar to the multi screen function on Samsung smartphone.

On top of that, these cardboard check in kiosks are 20% of the cost. These check in kiosks are lighter, bigger, better, environmental friendlier and cheaper.

We wonder why other airlines can’t adopt to use these better kiosks to save cost?

kansai lcct airport
Kansai LCCT International Departure Hall

Another thing we noticed is the Kansai LCCT Terminal 2. Even though Kansai International Airport is a top world class airport, they built the LCCT terminal simple and cheap. The reason is simple, LCCT Terminal is built for Low Cost Airlines so they don’t need an expensive fancy airport. In case you are wondering, the Kansai LCCT Terminal’s Passenger Service Facilities Charge (PSFC) and Passenger Security Service Charge (PSSC) is almost 50% cheaper than the main terminal. The LCCT’s PSFC and PSSC is priced at 1540 Yen (International) while the Kansai main terminal priced at 3040 Yen.

kansai lcct domestic airport
Kansai LCCT Domestic Departure Hall

Back in Malaysia, we have to pay KLIA2’s Passenger Service Charge (PSC) fees similar to KLIA. KLIA 2 is a LCCT Terminal while KLIA is premium terminal and yet we have to pay the same PSC fees. This feels like paying service charges in Mamak stalls. Do you agree?

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