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This is Taman Mutiara MRT station in Cheras.

You probably saw the video on Facebook or Whatsapp today and read the news of this in most major newspaper. When we watched the video of the woman violently assaulted, she was punched, pulled and kicked in the lift, we were angry and worried too. We are frequent passengers of Kajang Sungai Buloh MRT line and we do come to Taman Mutiara MRT Station.

【独行匪电梯内抢劫 妇女惨被殴打抢劫】

【独行匪电梯内抢劫 妇女惨被殴打抢劫】网络上流传一段女子在电梯内被人打枪且被殴打的视频,吉隆坡警方今日证实,这起抢劫打人案本月14日清晨6时45分,发生在蕉赖珍珠花园捷运站(Taman Mutiara MRT)的电梯内。劫匪的样貌、身形和穿着,以及干案过程全被电梯内的闭路电视拍下。画面可见,独行劫匪尾随一名女子进入电梯,门甫关上,匪徒就对女子挥拳,将女子打倒在地,试图抢走女子的手提袋。受害者极力反抗,但劫匪却因此更凶狠的拳打脚踢受害者。过程中,电梯门曾二度打开,但劫匪相信为了避免引起他人注意,将受害者压在电梯一角,并以身体当着受害者,受害者起身试图求救,但劫匪朝她的肚子踹去,再度将她打倒。受害者最终不堪殴打只能放弃财物,劫匪也趁电梯门打开后逃走。吉隆坡刑事调查主任鲁斯迪表示,48岁的受害者被劫匪抢走钱包,损失400令吉现金和个人证件。他指出,受害者身上多处受伤,送院治疗后已获准回家。警方目前正在追缉嫌犯,国家基建公司发言人也表示正在调查此案,并会全力配合警方将匪徒捉拿归案。(网络画面)

Posted by 八度空间华语新闻 on Jumaat, 15 Februari 2019

You probably want to know more on Taman Mutiara MRT station. This is one of the biggest MRT station in Cheras. There are two main exits with lifts and three main bridges. The Taman Mutiara MRT station is built in between EKO Cheras Shopping Mall and Cheras Leisure Mall.

As we mentioned earlier there are two main exits, one main exit to Taman Mutiara (facing the shoplots) and the other main exit is Taman Segar Exit next to Cheras Leisure Mall. The three bridges connected to EKO Cheras Shopping Mall (Taman Mutiara Exit), Cheras Leisure Mall and MRT Parking Building (Taman Segar Exit).

This robbery happened in one of the lifts of the main exits. Either the lifts at Taman Mutiara exit or Taman Segar exit. The victim is a 48 year old woman it happens on 6.45 am 14th February 2019. The victim had forehead injuries and the robber took her purse containing her ID and ATM cards with RM 400 cash. The suspect is believed to be a local and the police is investigating this case under Section 394 of the Penal Code.

Now, things you should know about Taman Mutiara MRT Station and how you could probably avoid incidents like this.

Can you spot the security officer.

This is a huge MRT station and usually there are at least two people in the station (excluding staffs from the shops). There is always one to two train masters and one security officer. As the two lifts are away from the main station, it is hard for the security officer to guard both exits.

We noticed that many people prefer to use the lift especially young ladies and teenagers because they are lazy to use the stairs. Take the elevator or stairs so it is an open area, you can yell or shout if any incidents or run if you can. There are usually more people on the elevator area.

This is the lift inside the MRT station. Look at the lift, it is the same design.

If you spotted incidents like this, try to do something to help out. Shout at the robber or call for help from the security officer. If you can fight like Donnie Yen, you can fight him off but if you ‘think’ you can fight like Donnie Yen, just shout or ask for help. Try not to engage with robber as you do not know whether he carries a weapon.

We hope the police will catch the suspect and speedy recovery for the victim.  

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