February 21, 2024


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GrabFoodCopter Looking for Beta Tester

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Grab Food wants to end the rivalry between Malaysian and Singaporean food with GrabFoodCopter. Grab Food will introduce the Grab Food Copter and they will fly the food from Singapore to Malaysia or from Malaysia to Singapore with helicopter. This will be via the new GrabFoodCopter from 1st April 2019 at Grab Food app. We are somehow still unconvinced with this and think this could be an April’s Fool prank.

Anyhow, do check out their Facebook promo video below. So far the video looks legit with Shaz part of the Malaysian team.

Here is what we think about Singaporean food. We visited Singapore seven times last year for various reasons including food. We agree that Malaysian food is better than Singaporean food if you compare apple to apple but they do have their own speciality food.

Singaporean food has better presentation and marketing but in terms of its taste, they do have their charms. We love Jumbo Seafood and their chili crabs so we signed up for the Beta Tester at https://grb.to/GFCBetaTesters

You might agree or disagree on which country offers better food but don’t need to fight for it, just order the food that you want. Maybe that is the reason why GrabFoodCopter is created for. Stop arguing and order the food you like on the other side.

We hope we got selected as the Beta Tester or this whole thing could be an April’s Fools prank. Will see how it works on 1st April. You can sign up to be the Beta Tester like we do at https://grb.to/GFCBetaTesters

So no more dramas on flying cars but helicopters sending food in between Malaysia and Singapore.

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