December 8, 2023


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Singapore beats Malaysia in the Most Popular Food In The World

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You read it right, Singaporean cuisine beats Malaysian cuisine in the Most Popular Food In The World survey by YouGov. YouGov is a global public opinion and data company and they did many surveys around the world. The report is released a few days ago at YouGov website.

The most popular food in the world survey conducted by YouGov in 24 countries with more than 25,000 people. Their methodology is to ask which of 34 national cuisines they had tried and whether they liked or disliked them. We do not know whether these 25,000 people actually tried all the 34 national cuisines or simply based on their knowledge or their assumption.

You can check out their Most Popular Food in the World Chart below.

YouGov-Food Chart

The Italian cuisine tops the chart with 84% approval rate, with second Chinese (78%), third Japanese (71%), tied at fourth Thai and French at (70%). The top 5 most popular cuisines in the world is Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and French.

Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine gets 50% while Malaysian cuisine gets 49%!! Hong Kong get 54% while Vietnamese get 55%. Can you sense something is wrong here? Being a Malaysian, our cuisine do not deserve to lose to Singaporean cuisine even by 1%.

Anyways, don’t take this survey seriously as I doubt most of the 25,000 people been to Malaysia. In terms of marketing, Singapore cuisine is promoted better than Malaysian cuisine. Thus, the perception is Singaporean cuisine is better than Malaysian. There is Michelin Food Guide in Singapore and none in Malaysia, that could make a big difference.

The popular cuisines in the world are in top five so it justifies our theory. Most of the 25,000 will favour the cuisines they have tasted or the ones are well marketed or popular. For the full article, visit

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