December 7, 2023


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Thai Durian Trader Offers RM 1.2 Million Plus Bonus For Future Son In Law

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You probably read this but we going to blog about this anyways. Yesterday, a Thai durian trader makes waves on Facebook as he is offering 10 miilion Thai Baht (RM 1.277 million) cash as well as other ‘bonus’.

Meet this rich durian trader from Chumphon (north of Surat Thani) in Thailand, Khun Anont Rotthong. He posted on Facebook (we can’t find the original post) that any man who wins the heart of his 26 year old daughter and agrees to continue running his family business (selling durian), he will give 10 million Thai Baht in cash, 10 vehicles (not kancils), a house, two durian markets and the daughter.


“Anyone who knows how to buy and select durian and source the fruit from orchards can take my daughter’s hand. I won’t ask for a single baht in dowry from him but will instead give him 10 million baht in cash, 10 vehicles, a house, two durian markets and the daughter who graduated with honours from Assumption University and had a master’s degree from Sun Yat-sen University in China,” Anont Rotthong wrote in his Facebook page on Saturday.

Apparently, he felt that his daughter might be too old for marriage and he is retiring soon so he wanted to hand over his durian business and export business so he can spend his time on his amulet business.

The other requirements are he must not be a gambler, he must be a hardworker and loves his daughter.

His durian markets are in Chumphon. We travelled to Chumphon many years ago and this area is popular with its fine beaches. Some of our Thai friends believed that Chumphon offers the best beach in Thailand.

For all those single men out there, this is your ticket to become a millionaire with a happy family.


You marry a pretty 26 year old Thai lady who graduates from Sun Yat Sen University of China and most likely she can speak Chinese.

You get RM 1.277 million cash, 10 vehicles (no Myvis), one house, two durian markets and other bonuses. We are sure there will be other requirements or terms and conditions apply.

We hope the daughter found a true love soon and not for all the monetary reason. This is Uniquely Thailand.

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