June 16, 2024


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Malaysia Travel Influencer Jason is Popular Scammer in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China

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jason scammer

Our good friend, Jason Phang is reported by Taiwanese TVBS as a popular figure used as online love scammer in Taiwan. He was a former radio DJ and now a host on Astro Go Shop and also travel influencer. He is our good friend and we travelled together to Thailand twice so far. His photos are used by scammers to scam ladies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

As reported on TVBS news, online scammer used Jason’s pictures on Facebook and Line to scam ladies. Many of the photos are taken from Jason’s social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Then scammer will use his photos as their own and uploading new photos to convince the ladies. The scammer will message the ladies a few times a day to ‘comfort’ them and scammed their money. The victims are usually from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

jason phang scammer

According to TVBS news, there were scammers using Jason’s pictures to cheat HK 160,000 in Hong Kong in the past. You can’t blame there as Jason is an eye candy, he is more handsome in real person than the photos.

jason phang hatyai thailand

Let us share some of our recent travel photos with Jason to Hatyai Thailand.

jason places and foods

Please vigilant when good looking and pretty stranger added you on social media networks. They might up to no good intentions. Sweet words are nice for once for a while but you had it too much, you will get diabetes.

Please go follow Jason’s real Facebook Page here and Instagram here so you won’t get cheated by scammers.

Have an awesome day people!

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