February 9, 2023

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Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts SS22 Petaling Jaya Review

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Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts SS22 Petaling Jaya Review

(Please take note that they are permanently CLOSED)

Craving for a good bowl of Cendol during this hot weather or for buka puasa in this holy month of Ramadan? You can check out this new dessert restaurant in SS2 Petaling Jaya (near KDU and Atria Shopping Centre). It is called Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts and their specialty is Cendol, Ais Kacang and their signature ice dessert called ‘Black Mountain’.

We got to know Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts from the words of mouth. A friend recommended me to visit this dessert place if like cendol. Black Mountain is located at 93, Jalan SS 22/11, Ss 22 near the Petronas Station, KDU and Atria. Malaysian Ice Desserts

Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts SS22 Petaling Jaya is a ‘kopitiam’ setup, the first impression is it looks spacious and clean. We spoke to the manager and got to know that the owners are food lovers and they opened the restaurant as they want to offer good food.

Let’s start with Black Mountain’s Signature Cendol. What you need to know is their cendol is homemade and the Gula Melaka they use is in liquid form. Traditionally Gula Melaka is cooked with sugar and dried ‘cylinder form’. There are also other shapes and sizes of Gula Melaka out there in the market but not in liquid form. The liquid form of Gula Melaka can be achieved is when they cooked it without sugar so this is as the purest form. It is also more expensive as the quantity is lesser than the usual Gula Melaka.

Their signature cendol comes with shaved ice, red bean, cendol jelly, pure gula melaka, coconut milk (santan), evaporated milk and finished with drizzles of pure gula melaka. What you get is the rich taste of gula melaka and the santan. We love the texture of the fresh cendol jelly and the combination is not too sweet with strong gula melaka flavour.

This is our first time tasting pure Gula Melaka and the taste is pretty interesting. You don’t get the usual strong fragrant but you get strong caramel and sour after taste. If you have it with the cendol and coconut milk, you will not get the sour after taste. It is priced at RM 5.50 each but with the quality ingredients, we don’t mind to come for more.

Next, is their Signature Black Mountain dessert. From the picture, you can see how tall is the ice shaving. The Black Mountain comes with the shaved ice, corn, pure gula melaka, gula melaka agar-agar, peanuts, evaporated milk and the extra dressings of pure gula melaka.

This is definitely for gula melaka lovers. The trick is to try to eat the shaved ice first as it will melts and flooded the whole bowl. Try to look for the gula melaka agar agar at the bottom. You can different of layers of textures in this bowl, the soft texture of the agar agar to the crunchy texture of the peanuts. The santan and gula melaka combo is savoury but it is refreshing especially on a hot day. The Black Mountain is priced at RM 6.50.

Their version of ice kacang comes with shaved ice, corn, red bean, pure gula melaka, gula melaka agar-agar, peanuts, rose essence and evaporated milk. This is different than the two as it is rosed scent based while the others were santan flavoured. You don’t get that much pure gula melaka but the taste is there. For ice kacang lovers, you might try this version and love the combinations of the ‘treasures’ in this ais kacang. This is priced at RM 5.50.

On top of the icy desserts, they also have interesting ‘snacks’. They offer homemade chicken curry puff and pastries from Panidor in Portugal. Panidor is a popular brand in Portugal and it is famous for the Portuguese Egg Tarts and they have been around for over 25 years!

The pastries are made and air flown from Portugal and they brought in the Egg Tart, Cod Fish Tart and the award-winning Romeo and Juliet.

The Portuguese Egg Tart is different than the ones in Macau. This is taste of the sweetness is lesser and we loved the taste. We can’t believe we can actually taste the original Portuguese egg tarts here.

The Cod Fish Tart comes with chunks of cod fish and potatoes. If you have tried the Portuguese version of cod fish in Macao, it is often dried and it comes with salty flavour. The cod fish tart comes with hints of saltiness flavour with the creamy potatoes filling. This is our first time tasting Portuguese Cod Fish tart and we enjoyed this.

The Romeo and Juliet is the combination of pastry with pink guava jam & cheese. The pastry is flaky and the taste is sweet with hints of sour after taste (from pink guava). This is a must try for pastry lovers.

For on the go, you should order the Dolly. It is the take away version of the cendol in a sealed glass. You get shaved ice with their green cendol, pure gula melaka, gula melaka agar agar, santan and evaporated milk. This is a brilliant idea as you can drink it in the car while driving or anywhere else on the go.

Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts is open from 12 noon till 8 pm daily. If you are looking for some good cendol and the authentic Portuguese pastries from Panidor, go check out Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts.

Black Mountain Malaysian Ice Desserts Address:

93, Jalan SS 22/11, Ss 22, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: 012-395 1111

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