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Dookki Korean Buffet Restaurant IOI City Mall

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dookki ioi city mall

Dookki is a Korean buffet restaurant located in IOI City Mall Putrajaya. Dookki is a popular restaurant from Korea with over 100 outlets around the world. Dookki IOI City Mall is their first outlet in Malaysia.

dookki ioi city mall places and foods

Dookki means ‘two meals’ in Korean and you start with the Korean hotpot style and have the 2nd meal with the kimchi fried rice.

dookki ioi city mall vegetables

They offer six versions of Topokki (rice cakes) for their buffet and many variety of vegetables and meat too.

dookki ioi city mall meat section

There are different types of meat balls which include beef ball and also fresh and marinated chicken. They offer ‘lala’ for lunches and additional ‘mussels’ for dinners.

dookki oden station

For Oden lovers, there is Oden section with fish cakes available.

dookki fried food

The fried food section comes with fries, Yaki dumpling, Kimmari, fried meat balls and fried chicken.

dookki golden kimchi fried chicken

This is the Korean fried chicken, Yamyang and it is available for dinner buffet only. The chicken is cripsy and tender and coated with their special sauce, this is really tasty. We can have this for the entire buffet.

dookki ioi city mall sauces

The sauce of the hotpot is based on your preferences. For us, we prefer the least spicy so the waiter helped us to customised the sauces. If you want to create your own master sauce, they are four sauces you can play with. The non spicy jajang sauce and gungjung sauce and the spicy dookki sauce and super spicy topokki sauce. The sauce will create the broth for the hotpot.

dookki ioi city mall cheese ring

Pick your food and enjoy your Korean buffet for 90 mins. There is also special promotions for lunch and dinner buffets especially during this month of Ramadan. Check out the promotions at the bottom of this post.

dookki ioi city mall cheese ring 2

We add on the double cheese ring for RM 18.80 nett. This is mozarella cheese with corn and we loved this. The taste of the cheese is not overwhelming and you can eat it with almost everything.

dookki ioi cheese

Look how cheesy the cheese is and you won’t regret ordering this ala-carte cheese ring.

dookki ioi city mall hotpot

We love their version of Topokki especially the ones with fillings. The food here is fresh and the sauce they made for us is sweet and non spicy. For spicy lovers, you can create super spicy sauce.

dookki kimchi fried rice cooking

After you finish the hotpot, keep the sauce while the waiter will add the rice and kimchi to stir fried it as kimchi fried rice. Since we ordered the cheese ring, we cooked the remaining cheese with the rice.

dookki golden kimchi fried rice

The result is cheese Kimchi fried rice that is flavourful and delicious. We loved the food here.

Ramadan Promo

Do check out their Ramadan Special Buka Puasa buffet at RM 35.80 NETT! Please take note that Dookki Korean buffet restaurant is Pork FREE restaurant.

Lunch & Student promo

For lunches, it is only RM 29.80 nett and RM 27.80 nett for students.

Overall, we loved the food here and the tteokbokki is one of the favourites so far in Malaysia. The Korean buffet is only for 90 mins and do check out the two promotions they are having right now for the month of Ramadan.

dookki ioi

Dookki is located on L1-12B (Level 1) next to the ice skating rink in IOI City Mall. If you are a Korean buffet and tteokbooki lover, please visit Dookki Korean restaurant in IOI City Mall.

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