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BookOff Shinjuku Second Hand Tax Free Store

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BookOff Shinjuku Second Hand Tax Free Store


The last time we blogged about bargain hunting and shopping in Tokyo,  we recommend Ameya Yokocho (Ameyoko) Shopping Street. On our recent trip to Tokyo, we found another hidden gem. This place is called BookOff and it is a popular second hand tax free departmental store.

We just got to know BookOff from a friend and we loved this place. Bookoff is a second hand departmental store. The BookOff Shinjuku has a few storeys of second hand items.

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One floor is offering second hand books, magazines and mangas in Japanese and English. All the books are wrapped with affordable pricing. If you are huge fan of Japanese manga, you should check out their bulk sales here.

bookoff book section

There is also one floor dedicated for electronics and gadgets such as laptops. There are many refurbished laptops and this include MacBook and Mac Pros. On top of that there is also music players and some other gadgets.

bookoff computer

On top of that, they also offer second DVD, VCD, Blue Ray and console games. There are many different consoles available such as Playstations, Nintendo, Xbox and more. You have to take time and browse the things you want here.

bookoff ps4

We found some really cool figurines here at very reasonable pricing. The items here are used but many of them are still in good condition. We purchased some ultraman figurines here at a very low price.

bookoff manga

There are also many Japanese trading cards here from common to super rare. Every single card is priced accordingly.

This is a tax free store so when you can get tax refunds when you purchased your items here. There are many BookOff outlets in Tokyo and we are sharing the BookOff Shinjuku outlet (near Shinjuku Train Station). Prepare to spend some time here if you are looking for some good deals and bargain hunting.

BookOff Shinjuku Address:

3 Chome-18-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

Opening Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

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