May 25, 2024


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Chatuchak Market On Fire Last Night in Bangkok

chatuchak fire
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This is not something new as Chatuchak Market On Fire Last Night in Bangkok. It happened around 9 pm last night and you probably read it or watched the video on Twitter or Facebook last night.

We are going to share some videos we saw last night from Twitter. The fire is under control and if we are not mistaken, the fire damaged part of Chatuchak Market Section One.

Chatuchak Section One is near the Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station and near the Kamphaeng Road 2 main exit. So far, reports stated two people were injured and no casualties.

Chatuchak Section One mainly sells books and antique and collectibles. Only a part of section one of Chatuchak market was on fire and most likely it won’t affect the businesses there.

So far over 100 businesses are reported affected by the fire. The market should remain open this weekend. Do comment for any questions.

We love to visit Chatuchak Weekend Market whenever we travel to Bangkok. You get to find many unique and good deals here. Weather could be hot but it is rewarding when you get the things you wanted. Read more about our Bangkok stories at

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