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Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup Taman Desa Michelin Star Experience

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Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup Taman Desa Michelin Star Experience

pangs kitchen

We read many reviews of Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup before we went to dine there and many people thought that the outlet in Malaysia is a Michelin Starred restaurant. Pang’s Kitchen is Michelin One Starred restaurant in Hong Kong and not in Taman Desa as there is no Michelin Guide in Malaysia. Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup is a branch from the main restaurant in Hong Kong. What you are getting at Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup is a Michelin Star experience rather than the real thing.

Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup is located at Ground Floor, Wisma Miramas in Taman Desa Business Park. It is a cozy restaurant and the restaurant was quite busy when we dined there.

The waitress recommended their signature dishes and do informed us that the taste of the food served is lighter than our usual Malaysian Chinese food. They must have read their Google Reviews for sure.

pangs kitchen taman desa beancurd with mushroom

We had their signature braised beancurd with mushroom. We enjoyed the homemade beancurd and the sauce is good with rice.

pangs kitchen taman desa scrambled milk with scallop

Next, is their signature scrambled milk with scallop. This is egg white ‘omelette’ with scallops. The taste of this quite subtle and some might complain this as tasteless.

pangs kitchen taman desa sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork with strawberry. You read it right, this is sweet and sour pork with added strawberry. Well, this is pretty good in terms of texture and taste. To be honest, the addition of the strawberry is just a sideshow.

pangs kitchen taman desa salted egg prawns

Deep fried prawns with salted egg yolk. Prawns fried to perfection with crispy layer and coated with salted egg yolk. This is good but nothing in spectacular.

pangs kitchen taman desa wantan noodle

Lastly, we ordered their signature Deep Fried Wonton Noodles top with Superior Sauce and Prawn. In layman terms, this is Hong Kong version of ‘Sang Har noodles’ but using different types of prawns.

If you plan to visit this restaurant, keep your expectation low and don’t be excited with the Michelin Star Experience. Malaysians have very strong taste buds so we expect food to be flavourful. However, not all food comes with strong flavours especially Japanese food like sushi. Pang’s Kitchen food has its charms but it won’t take your breath away.

Pang’s Kitchen at Voizsup Taman Desa Address:

No.1, Wisma Miramas, Jalan 2/109e, Taman Desa Busines Park, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-631 7971

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