November 29, 2023


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KFC Thailand Cheesy Fried Chicken Review

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KFC Thailand Cheesy Fried Chicken Review

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Like Malaysians, the Thais love KFC’s Fried Chicken. You can find many KFC restaurants in most major cities in Thailand. On our recent trip to Phuket Thailand, we went to KFC for supper and we ordered the Cheesy Fried Chicken.

The KFC Thailand Cheesy Fried Chicken is priced around 2 pieces at THB 97 and 3 pieces at THB 127. KFC Thailand Cheesy Fried Chicken is basically fried chicken with the cheesy sauce (similar to the cheese sauce for the Cheesy Wedges).

kfc thailand

The KFC outlet we went in Phuket is almost packed during late night and this shows the locals really love fried chickens.

kfc thailand cheesy fried chicken

This is the crispy hot and spicy chicken and comes with generous amount of the cheesy sauce. Like we mentioned earlier, the cheesy sauce is the same sauce they use for the Cheesy Wedges. It definitely adds more flavours onto the hot and spicy chicken.

We love this KFC Thailand Cheesy Fried Chicken as we enjoyed their version of hot and spicy as well as the cheese sauce.

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Believe it or not, we do visit fast food outlets whenever we travel around the world. We always want to taste different fast food outlets such as McDonald’s or KFC. However, we still believe the KFC in the world is KFC Malaysia.

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