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5 Ways To Date A Girl In KL

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5 Ways To Date A Girl In KL

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On my recent trip to China, I sat next to a young gentleman and we had a lengthy chat on his university life in China. He asked me about dating girls as he never had a girlfriend. Thus, maybe I can blog about something we talked about on the plane. If you are a student and you plan to date a girl in KL, is it even possible? Check out the Ways To Date A Girl in KL.

1. Watching movies

This is the most traditional or old school way to date a girl. However, things have change as there are more movies nowadays like Marvel, Disney and many more.

On top of that, there are Cinemas with 4D option or dining in Cinema like TGV Indulge. This is the plus point in asking a girl out for movies. The food option in most cinemas are better than it used to be. Always make a plan before or after movies so you can know each other better.

2. Going to Festivals or Events

There are many festivals and events every month. You can date her to festivals like Bon Odori or the Good Vibes Festival or more. On top of that, you can also date her to events like Anime Con or other cool events in KL. Get to know your date better in festivals or events.

3. Roadtrips

Roadtrips are fun and you can always drive them to places like Sekinchan, Broga Hill, Genting Highlands and more. Find places that is within one hour from Klang Valley, spend more time together and it is one of the cool things to do for dating.

4. Eating Good Food

We know many girls love good food and they probably have a day of awesome meals per week or during their cheat day.

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Bring them to some of the hidden gems in KL, bring her for a food trail. If she is a café lover, let’s do a café hopping together.

If she is a durian lover, bring her to the best durian stall in town and satisfy her durian cravings.

5. Going to Koong Woh Tong

This is the greatest secret ever to date a girl and you need to bring her to Kong Woh Tong. When you have non stop working or studying for weeks, you get stress and that is how you get ‘heaty’ and pimples or acnes pop out and this is the time to bring her to KWT.

koong woh tong

There are many options at KWT including their popular KWT herbal tea & herbal jelly. I remember my wife used to bring me to KWT instead of me bringing her.

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Well, let’s talk about benefits of herbal jelly & herbal tea. They are non-alcoholic, non-fat, suitable for vegetarians, authentic Chinese herbs drink in Malaysia and they have more than 50 outlets mostly in Klang Valley shopping malls.  For more information, visit https://www.kwt.my

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