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AirAsia Santan Burnt Cheesecake

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AirAsia Santan Burnt Cheesecake

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On our recent trip to Pattaya, we flew with AirAsia to U-Tapao Airport from KLIA 2. This is our first time flying to U-Tapao airport in Rayong and it is less than one hour away from Pattaya city. During our short flight, we saw a new dish in AirAsia’s inflight Santan menu and it is the Burnt Cheesecake. This reminds us of the Tokyo Restaurant’s famous burnt cheesecake.

The AirAsia Santan Burnt Cheesecake is priced at RM 9 (ala carte) and combo at RM 12 with 3-in-1 Coffee or English Breakfast Tea. It is cheaper than what you can get in Tokyo Restaurant to be honest.

Check out our video review.

The Burnt Cheesecake is cold when served and there are limited units available during our flight. Please do pre-order this to avoid disappointment.

airasia santan burnt cheesecake

The texture is soft and creamy like mousse, similar to the burnt cheesecake from Tokyo Restaurant. For the taste, it is actually very tasty with strong cheese flavor and we loved it! Don’t forget to complement it with the cream. We know this is sinful but it is worth the calories! We ordered this again on our return flight from U-Tapao Airport to KLIA 2.

The Burnt Cheesecake at RM 9 is value for money and even the combo with drink is still worth it!

airasia burnt cheese cake cream

To be honest, this Santan Burnt Cheesecake is probably the best dessert ever. We tasted many of their food and this is top of the chart for us.  We are not sure how long AirAsia going to offer this Burnt Cheesecake, just book it online to avoid disappointment.

We will be flying again with AirAsia and will look out for new items in AirAsia Santan menu.

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