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LeShan Mala Hot pot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋

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LeShan Mala Hot pot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋 placesandfoods

What to eat in Sichuan? How about ‘mala’ hot pot? The spicy ‘mala’ hot pot is originated from the province of Sichuan in China. Not forgetting also in Sichuan is the ‘ma por’ tofu. We were in LeShan part of the media trip to Sichuan in February this year. You can read our entire trip with itinerary at Six Days in Chengdu Du Jiang Yan Le Shan Emei Sichuan China. We had our first ‘mala’ hot pot meal at 房房燭火鍋 Restaurant.

房房燭火鍋 Restaurant is a popular ‘mala’ hot pot restaurant in LeShan. Please do note that there are many ‘mala’ hot pot restaurants in Sichuan.

We sat on the 2nd floor and we had a feast. They offered the ‘mala’ soup and the herbal soup. It is always advisable to have twin soup so if you can’t take the spiciness of the ‘mala’ taste, you still can enjoy the food with the herbal soup.

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋 table

If you look at the pictures and the video, there are over one dozen type of food offered for dinner. They tried explaining to us but we lost count.

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋 bacon

What we have is the usual pork thin slices (shabu shabu type), vegetables, pork luncheon, eggs, meat balls and they do offer unique or rather food.

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋 pork

Some of the unique or funny food includes as goose intestines, duck tongue, rabbit stomach and more. We tried some of the unique dishes but we stick to the usual beef, pork, pork and chicken.

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant

What is interesting is they gave us cans of vegetable oils and it is used as dipping for ‘mala’ hotpot. These oils intensified the spiciness but this is good stuff!

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋 oil

The thing about ‘mala’ is it keeps on burning inside your body. We had trouble sleeping as we felt the heat at night. Maybe we need more beer to diffuse the ‘heat’ in our body.

For ‘mala’ lovers, Sichuan is the perfect place for you to look for mala hot pot. Most of the food here are spicy. We enjoyed most of the food here in Sichuan China.

Le Shan Hotpot Restaurant 房房燭火鍋

We could not find the location of 房房燭火鍋 restaurant on Google Map so we didn’t add the address.

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