November 30, 2023


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New Malaysia Airport Departure Tax Starting Sept 2019

new malaysia airport departure tax

Planning to travel overseas? It will be more expensive starting September 2019 with the new departure levy. Anyone who flies out from Malaysia will have to pay departure tax or departure levy from RM 8 to RM 150 starting 1st September 2019. This has been announced by the government.

If you are planning to fly from Malaysia to ASEAN countries, there will be a departure levy of RM 8 for economy class passengers and business and first class passengers will be charged RM 50.

If you traveling from Malaysia to other countries except ASEAN, you will have to pay departure levy of RM 20 for economy class and RM 150 for business and first class. ASEAN countries are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Transit passengers who are not staying more than 12 hours, pedestrian, crew on duty, anyone driving or riding any type of vehicle for personal use (including aircraft or vessel) and pillion riders or passengers of such vehicles and infant and toddler below 24 months are exempted for departure levy.

Departure Levy Rates:

ASEAN:                                               RM 8 (Economy Class) RM 50 (Business or First Class)

Other countries NON ASEAN:        RM 20 (Economy Class) RM 150 (Business or First Class)

This means in laymen terms, you have to pay RM 8 for departure levy to fly to Thailand and RM 20 for departure levy to Japan on economy class. Budget airlines seats are mostly economy class.

It will be more expensive flying abroad from Malaysia so do take note on this new departure levy. Thanks for reading.

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