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Takua Pa Khrua Bai Toey Phang Nga

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Takua Pa Khrua Bai Toey Phang Nga

takua pa khrua bai toey

Have you heard of Takua Pa? Well it is a small town located on the north of Khao Lak in the province of Phang Nga and the journey is around 30 mins of short drive. We did a review of Khrua Nong in Takua Pa and Khrua Bai Toey is the second restaurant listed in Michelin Guide Thailand 2019 and Khrua Bai Toey is given the recognition of Michelin Plate.

Khrua Bai Toey is the one of the 15 restaurants and street food listed in Michelin Guide Thailand 2019. This is our ninth restaurant review and there will be sixth restaurants review coming soon. You can check out the full list of restaurants in our special dedicated page at

khrua bai toey shop

There are two sections in this restaurant, open air concept and air-conditioned room. We took the air-conditioned room. There are Michelin Guide logos all over the place in this restaurant.

We ordered three dishes and they are spicy minced pork, Tom Kha Gai and Fried Prawns with Garlic. The vegetable dish (nam prik pak sod) is complimentary by the restaurant.

khrua bai toey Nam Prik Pak Sod

Nam Prik Pak Sod is a common food in Southern Thailand. This dish is usually free of charge and you eat the vegetables with chili paste like snack. You can find many locals taking their time enjoying this dish.

khrua bai toey spicy pork

Spicy Minced Pork. This minced pork is stir fried with turmeric and chili and the taste is spicy. This is super spicy for me and you have to take the vegetables to diffuse the spiciness. If you love spicy, you must order this.

khrua bai toey tom kha gai

Tom Kha Gai is the ‘white colour’ version of Tom Yum Goong. Instead of chili, the soup is strong with coconut milk flavour and it is still sour and spicy. We ordered Tom Kha Gai that comes with chicken and it complements well with the white rice. We thought it will be nice to taste the coconut version since we had the usual red Tom Yum during this trip and it is different and not disappointing.

khrua bai toey fried prawns

Lastly, we ordered the fried prawns with garlic and pepper. The size of the prawns are L size and they are fresh. The prawns are deep fried to crispiness and the shell is so crispy, you can eat the shell too. It is flavoured with the garlic and pepper and you can also complement it with the sweet Thai chili sauce.

The total bill is around THB 600 and it is value for money. The food here is good and we do enjoyed all the food we ordered. Khrua Bai Toey restaurant. You can do something shopping at Big C and then you can dine at Khrua Bai Toey. Good food and reasonable pricing, Khrua Bai Toey is a restaurant you can consider visiting while you are at Takua Pa, Phang Nga.

khrua bai toey michelin

How do we travel around in Takua Pa and Khao Lak? The best way to travel around Phuket and Phang Nga is by renting a car. There are many car rentals in Phuket International Airport and we usually book Thai Rent A Car as it is one of the largest car rental companies in Thailand. They have over 32 branches with over 8000 cars in their fleet.

Where do we stay in Khao Lak? We stayed in this new resort called La Vela Khao Lak and it is a beautiful boutique hotel by the beach. You can book via Agoda at

Opening Hours:11 am -2pm, 5pm to 11pm

Khrua Bai Toey Address:

2/29 หมู่ 2 Bang Nai Si, Amphoe Takua Pa, Chang Wat Phang-nga 82110, Thailand Phone, +66 81 719 3689

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