January 28, 2023

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Top 5 Belgian Fries In Malaysia

When we talk about Belgian products, most people will talk about Belgian beer or Belgian chocolate. Do you know that Belgian is also a huge exporter of Belgian Fries? Yes, we had a chance to taste the Belgian Fries at the 15th Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) Exhibition that was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and attended the forum by Flanders Agricultural Marketing Board (VLAM).

Do you know that Belgium is the largest exporter of frozen fries in the world, with 90% of its production freighted to the global market. In 2018, Belgian companies processed an astonishing of 5 million tonnes of potatoes!

At the 15th Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) Exhibition , VLAM has brought together 5 major Belgian fries exporters to exhibit at FHM from 24th to 27th September, 2019 under the “Belgian Fries” banner to widen their network, increase their market share, and heighten Belgian fries awareness in Malaysia.

Top 5 Belgian Fries In Malaysia

1. Agristo

2. Bart’s Potato Company

3. Clarebout Potatoes

4. Ecofrost

5. Mydibel 

These 5 companies represent the five biggest family-owned businesses in the industry in Belgium offering a wide range of potato products and specialties that are exported to over 100 countries worldwide.

Belgian fries have a long history and have become part of the country’s heritage, with many shops and stands in Belgium serving this delicious savory snack. In fact, the ubiquitous Belgian fry shops that can be found in every city or village have been recognized as part of the cultural landscape in Belgium, with UNESCO status being sought for the dish since 2014.

We also visited the Belgian Fries exhibition booth at 15th Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) Exhibition and to taste some of their products too.

First impression is the Belgian Fries is thicker. The colour is golden yellow and the skin is crispy and the texture is fluffy.

The Original Belgian Fries are a true Belgian delicacy that is delicious and can be addictive either as side dish or snack with mayonnaise sauce. The texture and taste are different than your usual fries, yummmss!

Now you can find Belgian frozen potato products in Malaysia major supermarket, and hypermarket.

For more information about Top 5 Belgian Fries Exporters in Malaysia, please visit

Website: http://www.originalfries.eu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BelgianFriesAsia/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eatbelgianfries/

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