June 24, 2024


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Booking Flights to Madrid Spain with AirAsia

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Booking Flights to Madrid Spain with AirAsia

airasia madrid 499
RM 499 deals to Madrid!

Like millions out there, we were excited to try our luck for the AirAsia flight to Madrid Spain for RM 99 per person. Thus, we waited to 9 am and we couldn’t find Madrid so we realised that the departure flight is KLIA instead of KLIA 2. We wasted 3 minutes there.

We got our flights at RM 99 (and we forgot to print screen it) and when keying in details of the passengers, the flight price changed to RM 10k.

airasia madrid rm 499
Yes, we are half way going to Madrid.

Being Malaysian, we die die also want to try to go Madrid for this promotion so we went for second time and we got RM 499 per person. We were putting our details and then the same thing happened, the price changed to RM 8k.

Well, we give up and we will wait for another time for Madrid Spain. Please take note this is not a scam as one of our friends managed to get the ticket at RM 499.

airasia madrid rm 8k
Good game, another time to Madrid then.

There are probably thousands of users trying to get the RM 99 or RM 499 seats to Madrid and you need to act fast as every second counts. It could be single digit seats for RM 99 promo or double digits seats for RM 499 promo so the early birds get the worms.

At the end of the day, we get the message. You can book any flights with AirAsia.com thanks to their partnership with Kiwi.com. AirAsia just becomes a player in flight search aggregator. Now, you can travel to anywhere around the world with AirAsia.com.

For those who got their tickets to Madrid for RM 99, you are the chosen ones! Congrats for those who manage to get their RM 499 tickets to Madrid. Enjoy Madrid Spain. For those who didn’t get any seats to Madrid like us, keep calm and enjoy the weekend!

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